Tales Of Wheat, Corn And Missouri Single Women

I lived in St Louis, Missouri for six years and during that time I dated several women. But I never felt entirely at home, possibly because I'm not a native of Missouri. Maybe if I'd been a native I'd have dated more Missouri single girls. As it was, I didn't drive a tractor, didn't engage in farming and really didn't like wearing overalls. Have I left anything out? I think I've offended enough people right off the bat to never be invited back to the "show me state".

Missouri girls have that down to earth, chewing-on-a-piece-of-grass look in their eyes that makes me proud to have lived and worked for several years in the Midwest. Unfortunately, I'm not from the Midwest. If there was a trick to missouri dating, I never figured out what it was. In fact, during the entire time I lived in St. Louis, I actually dated a girl from Tokyo. Now SHE was a lot of fun to be around. But the missouri single scene just didn't click for me.

Maybe I was a victim of the times. The downtown section of St. Louis wasn't exactly a hotbed of nightclubs and singles bars. You had the Arch -- the "gateway to the West" and the Mississippi Queen riverboat was chugging up and down the Mississippi River. But I came to learn that the true Missouri dating scene was taking place far from the so-called bright lights and big city. No, the missouri girls I knew; and more importantly the missouri single girls I wanted to meet were hanging out on the outskirts of the city. In any number of small towns that dot the state highway leading to Illinois and beyond.

When I wasn't hanging with Kim Lee or Kimmy as she liked to be called, I was heading west - - towards the vast fields of corn and wheat and small town America. This is where I would meet Missouri single women. Because where else would they be? They were out "there" somewhere. Milking a cow or feeding a horse and waiting for their sugar daddy to take them far from the grain mills and watering holes and on to a better life. And I was just the man to help them on their way. At least for a night or two.

But a funny thing happened on my way to romancing Missouri single women: I got a close look at the caliber of men and women who make the United States of America or at least the Midwest what it is. These are hard working folks. Missouri single girls may look good in a pair of jeans, but they are doing more than swinging their ass in some tight denim. They're getting up at the crack of dawn and tending to fields of corn and wheat and produce that for some reason tends to wind up on the plates of third-world countries rather on the dinner tables of hungry family that span the 50 states.

It was bound to happen. Despite my best efforts, the time I spent living and working in Missouri turned out to be an eye-opening experience. I admit it: like most hot-blooded males, my free-time pursuits tended to focus on finding someone to spend that free time with. It just became hard to concentrate when the reality of a lot of the top headlines of the day are transpiring before your very eyes.

No matter. In six years I never did learn to drive a tractor or shoe or horse or plow a field. But I met quite a few people who did. Day after day after day. Thoughts about Missouri dating, Missouri girls and the missouri single scene may have occupied my mind. But the hard work I saw every day far from the city made me understand what patriotism is really about.  

The son of the woman in the barn is wearing a helmet and shouldering a weapon in some dusty God-forsaken place. The daughter of the man on the tractor is saving the lives of under-nourished children in Sudan.

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