Take a Trip to El Paso

It's almost impossible to get any further west in Texas than El Paso. For many people the name El Paso is synonymous with the west. There is a special atmosphere in the city of El Paso, something that you can't find anywhere else even in Texas and especially in the United States. El Paso is a world all of its own, where you can take many great trips.
Wondering what all there is to see and do when you take a trip to El Paso? Plenty! El Paso is a beautiful city and offers up plenty of fun and excitement for any visitor. Right in El Paso you will find a number of exciting and fascinating museums that are a treat to visit and explore.

Are you into art? Try taking a visit to the Adair Margo Gallery here in El Paso. Featuring the best in contemporary art from El Paso, the state of Texas, the United States and across the world this is an exquisite gallery and one of the most popular in El Paso. You will also be looking forward to the El Paso Museum of Art which features the internationally famous Kress Collection, the Tom Lea Gallery, works on paper as well as plenty of exciting traveling exhibits.

History lovers are also in for a real treat here in the city of El Paso. Originally settled by the Spanish in 1659, El Paso has a very long history and one that greatly shows its unique and culturally diverse heritage. El Paso is also an area that has been greatly disputed through most of its history. The Chamizal National Memorial recognizes the 1963 resolution that finally ended the long dispute over this area of borderland.

One of the most fantastic museums in the city of El Paso is the El Paso Museum of Archaeology at Wilderness Park. There are many dioramas and displays which give visitors a glimpse into what life was like for the Native Americans who once lived in the region. Following an outdoor trail also gives visitors a glimpse of a replica Pueblo ruin and an Apache brush hut.

One of the most historic parts of the area around El Paso is Fort Bliss. Here you can learn much about the history of this old and very important fort that has held a proud place in the history of our country for hundreds of years. The Fort Bliss Museum and Study Center, the Fort Bliss Replica Museum and the US Army Museum of the Non-Commissioned Officer are all wonderful areas where you can find out about the military history of the El Paso region.

Don't think that museums are the only thing to experience here in El Paso. There is plenty of great shopping and dining to be had, along with a host of other activities. If you're interested in learning what is going on in El Paso during your visit as well as to learn many of the other exciting activities available here in this wonderful Texas city, you might be interested in checking out the El Paso Times.

The El Paso Times is the city of El Paso's #1 newspaper. Giving all of the big news and events of the day, it includes plenty of info on all the happenings and goings on. You can even check out the El Paso Times online if you're so inclined. Send your web browser over to http://www.elpasotimes.com/ and get informed on everything going on in El Paso today!

El Paso is a one of a kind town. There is really no place else like it anywhere on earth. Take a trip to El Paso today and experience all of the fun and exciting that is to be had here in Texas's westernmost city. Great shopping, great dining, plenty to see and do in this wonderful and diverse community found on the border of Texas and Mexico.
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