Tabernacles, Celebration Of A Religious Holiday

The world Tabernacles is derived from the Latin world tabernaculum, which means tent. So when you talk about Tabernacles, it is talking about a portable place of worship for the Hebrews. These came about in the time when the Hebrews left ancient Egypt following the Exodus. This is something that is very important to people and is something that needs to be respected by all. Someone else's place of worship or their believes is not something that should ever be made fun of for any reason, you should always show people the same respect that you want them to show you.
The world Tabernacles is derived from the Latin world tabernaculum, which means tent. In Hebrew, Tabernacles are known as the Mishkan. Pretty much what that stands for is a Divine place of dwelling. Pretty much a Tabernacles is a portable central place of worship that the Hebrews used during the time they left from ancient Egypt. This was during the time following the Exodus, through the time of the Book of Judges. This is when they were engaged in conquering the land of Canaan. The elements were made part of the final Temple in Jerusalem around 10th century B.C. This may all sound a little confessing to you if you have never heard of Tabernacles or Mishkan. Of course, words get different meanings in different areas depending on where they are derived from. Lots of English words are derived from Latin words. In fact, the word tabernacle in English comes from the Latin word tabernaculum meaning tent. Of course, the Latin word is a diminutive form of the world taberna, which has a meaning of hut or tavern. Sometimes, some other words are used in the name like sanctuary, and also the phrase the tent of meeting. Either way you look at it, the tabernacle was a portable place of worship for the Hebrews.

Pretty much a tabernacles was a portable worship place made of a tent with different colorful curtains draped on it. In side the tabernacles the sanctuary was draped with goats hair curtains. The roof of the tabernacles was made of rams skin. It really is a site to see, if you want to see a diagram of the tabernacles you should look online, because you will be surprised on what it look like. Inside the tabernacles it was divided up into two different rooms. These different rooms where called the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. These two different rooms were separated by a curtain as well. It is very cool to see a picture of the tabernacle because many people have never seen a portable house of worship. For anyone that has not seen it should go online and take a look at the pictures that they have of it. Theses pictures are usually hard to find, but thanks to the internet you are going to be able to find things a lot faster. The internet has given us a lot more than what we think it has. Usually when you are online, you think of email and things like that, however, this should not be the case. You should use the internet as a place to learn about things that you do not know much about. I know that there are not many people that know much about the tabernacles. This is the perfect chance to use the internet for something that you would not use it for. Kids use it all the time in school to look at things for projects. Why cant you use it to learn something as well?

Tabernacles will be something worth looking up online. Even if it is just to see a picture of it, this is something that I feel that everyone should see at leasts once. Learning something that you never knew before can be fun, and using the internet to learn it can make doing so a lot easier. This is a gift (the internet that is) and we should use it as best as we can. So go online and look at tabernacles you will like what you see.
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