Subcultures Sure Thrive On www orkut com

First the hype was about snakes and ladders. Gone are the days when technology was an awe, a hidden mystery. Time to get virtual folks and who better to do that than www orkut com. Perhaps this is the time for some serious confession. It is also a time to burn the midnight oil chatting and getting to know the world a whole better. What will become of us? We will all die lonely? The answer to that lies in our hearts.

Lets just think for a good long minute about your options.  You could a) spend your life locked in your closet or b) you could get out in the street and get yourself shot in the ass or you could c) get things going on www orkut com.  I'm talking about an orkut invitation here, friends.  This orkut invite buys you a way out of... well something, anyway.  As an individual you will have to decide quickly and efficiently what an orkut invite gets you out of.  Our job is just to give the orkut invitation.

What you know is not really that which you should accept. What you have to remember is that truth lies in what the heart truly believes. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If so you will find yourself being sucked so easily into the world of online matchmaking. This is not to say that it is a bad think. In terms of providing the right kind of service for the people it works well.. that is the important thing for the people who are have been morally deemed as inadequate.  Again I say,' Our job is just to give the orkut invitation.'

You are familiar with it.  Assuming you have been to church.  If not, pay attention or go directly to www orkut com.  Search it out and see if you won't accept that orkut invite that orkut invitation just hanging out there like the laundry your mom or grand mom used to do before there were Laundromats and car washes.  Hey, it was quite so long ago as you might think and it might do you some good to get your self caught up on what has happened since then.  But it is certainly not my job.  Let us return then, to our subject: www orkut com.

Assuming you have been to church.  Assuming that a pastor has given an invitation.  He says, in his quivering preacher voice, he says "And who now would like to know this Jesus."  Accept that he when he says Jesus he says "Jeeeee-aaaah-jus-aahhhh," and this, of course, makes you feel even better about it.  So he says, "If you would like to know Jeee-ah-sus-ah you just come on forward and kneel at the alter, and one of the elders or myself will be by your side trying to pray for you.  Ohhhhh... There is nothing better in the world than to know that you are free-ah.  Free-ah from the troubles of this world and the tight grasp of Saaa-ah-tan!  Ohhhhh, woncha just come down and pray with us?"  And you would have to have admitted, it all sounded pretty damn good.  And so some of you, unrestrained by the weight of embarrassment that holds so many of us down had come forward, as a sign to the world and to Satan that they could just have your skin but your soul belonged to the good Lord.

I'm not going to pretend that this www orkut com is a religious organization but I would not be amiss if I were to say that you can find a religious like euphoria. www orkut com may just surprise you, wandering soul!  Now for those of you who were embarrassed at church and stayed in your seats, there is no reason for that now.  This is the internet, friend, and they can not see you.  The orkut invite is in confidence and is discreet.  And those of you who did come forward, one or more times to the preacher's invitation, lets just go ahead and face it.  That church thing just didn't pan out anyway.  It is ok now to stop with the kidding of yourselves.

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