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Chastity belts is a locking item of clothing that helps the wearer to voluntarily refrain for heterosexual intercourse. Popular during medieval times, chastity belts are associated with countless myths, stories and legends. Stories narrates these and much more. Read on to learn even more facts!

Chastity is a subset of behavior that refers to attitude and intent and not merely mechanics. It is typically advocated in two categories:

1. Religious and moral concerns
2. Health and social concerns

There is a significant overlap between the two categories. From a woman's perspective, chastity is one of the most extreme forms of submission in which she gives up her sexual freedom to her partner through the use of the chastity belt. Female chastity belt, often subjected to derisive connotation, is surrounded by myths and folklore. Stories narrates such chastity belt stories.

The "History of chastity belt" section of Stories highlights some interesting historical facts about the female chastity belt. The site's achieves accredit R'gine Prenoud, a medieval historian, with the first documented reference to the term "chastity belt", which in 14th century was used for a simple cord worn around the waist to symbolize chastity. Keyer Von Eichstad, the retired solider, in his book about the art of war and military equipment, Bellifortis (1405), recorded the first written evidence of the chastity belt.

The "Chastity belt stories" section of Stories reveals some astonishing and hair-raising facts associated with chastity belts. It contains pathetic tales of Roman female slaves who were locked into the chastity belts and released by their masters and mistresses only for sexual pleasures. During the dark Middle Ages, Roman prostitutes were also forced to wear chastity belts, which were removed only when the money had exchanged hands. There are other engrossing and heart wrenching stories of medieval ladies being locked within chastity belts until their knights and lords returned from fighting in Crusades to free them.    

The Stories is indeed a repository of the enthralling articles on sexual abstinence. The contents span from religious and cultural significance of chastity to endorsement of sexual abstinence as a lifestyle. While some items recommend chastity as a way to avoid pregnancy and venereal diseases, others view sexual abstinence as an admirable act of self-control over the "natural" desire to have sex. There is one very interesting article on a leather and iron belt discovered by A.M. Pachinger, a German antiquities collector, in 1889 in Linz, Austria, in the grave on a skeleton of a young woman buried sometimes in the 16th century. There are many more such readable narratives. 

At Stories questions as "Why do people wear chastity belts? Do chastity belts really work? Does chastity belt prevent the wearer from engaging in heterosexual intercourse? Are chastity belts easy to wear and clean?" etc. are dealt with sensitivity and honesty. Critical reviews and user experiences related to chastity belts have also been provided with some space. There are many more exciting sections and photographs in this user-friendly and easy to navigate site. It is the ultimate destination of those who wish to know something or everything about the chastity belts.

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