Start Your New York Year With A Movie Marathon

Get your New York year started off on the right foot with a New Years in New York movie marathon. Traveling from one movie theatre to the next can help you see a whole new side of the city where you live, and it can be a fun way to wish a happy year to all of your friends on one day even though they live all over town. Start a New Years in New York tradition with a movie marathon that lasts all day.

A New York year is a year full of hustle and bustle in the city that never sleeps.  If you are spending New Years in New York, consider starting your New York year with a bang by embarking on a movie marathon.  New York is uniquely suited to this modern tradition because it has so many movie theatres that you are sure to be able to put together a full day's schedule of film watching.  Starting a New York year with an all-day, multi-cinema movie marathon which takes you all over the city can help you get your New York year going in top-notch style from the first hours of the year.

The popularity of the internet makes planning a New Years in New York movie marathon as easy as clicking a few buttons.  Most movie theatres now post their schedules online, and many even allow you to buy advance tickets right from the comfort of your own home.  Because you will be running from theatre to theatre on a tight schedule, having advance tickets in your pocket before you even leave your house will help you be able to relax and enjoy the movie marathon that starts your New York year.  A New Years in New York movie marathon is simple to plan.  Just visit the websites of several movie theatres in New York and match up the schedules to allow you enough time between screenings to make the journey from one theatre to the next.  Mix in some smaller movie houses along with the big multiplexes, and you will be able to enjoy a wide range of programming including independent films with limited distribution, or even maybe a classic revival or two.

Starting a New York year with a movie marathon can be a great way to have a fun day alone, with a romantic partner, or with a few friends.  To make it a social event to remember, consider organizing your New Years in New York movie marathon in a fashion similar to a pub crawl.  You could even have different friends meet you for different movies over the course of the day.  Since you will be venturing into neighborhoods all over the city to see shows all over town, the chances are high that you will end up heading to areas of town where your friends live.  Inviting each one of your friends to meet you for a show at the cinema closest to their home can make your movie marathon into a fun way to wish all of your closest friends a happy New York year in a sort of series of private parties.

When you are in the midst of a New York year, it can be difficult to remember to relax and have fun.  Celebrating life and enjoying the pleasures that are within your reach is a major aspect of the holiday season.  A New York year can find you stuck in a rut of doing the same things every day, from frequenting the same grocery store to passing the same movie theatre marquee every time you come home from work at the end of the day.  Planning a New Years in New York movie marathon is a great way to see your city from a different vantage point and to re-awaken your curiosity.  The simple act of riding an unfamiliar subway to a neighborhood half an hour or forty five minutes from your home on the opposite end of Manhattan can help you get a new perspective on your upcoming New York year.

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