Squash Is Gaining Popularity

In the realm of international sports the name of squash deserves special mention and nowadays it is getting popular and also has a universal appeal. Truly speaking, through the labor of years, squash is an international figure to be reckoned with. There are about 148 countries in the world having the squash courts. Till now though there have been many players of repute, Heather McKay and Jahangir Khan (1980s); Jansher Khan (1990s) is considered as the greatest female and male player respectively.
Squash racket or squash is a good game of entertainment. Why is it called Squash racket? It is so called with reference to the soft ball used in the game. To the historians, this game was created and got its origin from England at Harrow school of London. The game was created out of an accident. The students at the famous public school one day suddenly began to hit a softer rubber ball against the wall, when they were waiting to use the racket court. This sudden incident led to the ultimate creation of the sport and from that time sqush is regarded as a part and parcel of the British sports. It should also be noted in the same respect, that the first squash court has been recorded originated from England at Harrow school at London. In true sense, squash racket or squash is an indoor game that is played amongst two players (for singles) or four players (for doubles) in a four-walled court. The first "British Open Championship" in the field of squash, in men's category was conducted in 1930 by "Squash Racket Association" that was related with the British Empire. There is no doubt in it that every game has its own rules and regulations. What are those tactics? The elementary tactic to play the game is to hit the ball straight up the side walls to the back corners and then to move to the centre of the court near the "T" to be well placed to retrieve the opponent's return. A ball landing on either the out line or the line above the tin is considered to be "out". The ball may also be struck against any of the other three walls before reaching the front wall. But squash is a kind of sport for which there is the need of sound equipments, or else simply it is impossible to play.

Now, what are the equipments to be used? The equipments that are used in the game include–the racket and a hollow rubber ball. In the past these rackets were used to be made of laminated timber but at present these are generally prepared with various metals, of which Graphite, titanium, boron etc or some amalgamated materials, are the most prominent. The string of the racket is made of synthetic material. While the weight of modern rackets measures between 4-7 ounces, the maximum strung area of the racket is 500 square centimeters and the length of the racket measures about 70 cm or 27 inches. For better performance two pieces of rubber compound are stick together to form the hollow sphere of the ball. After that a matte finished is planed over it. Bounce of the ball depends upon the material used in it, although it is higher at high temperature. The ball has to be warmed up by bouncing them on the ground before initiating the game. The level of bounciness of the ball is indicated by the small dots present on it like the yellow dots indicates Super slow, green indicates slow, red shows medium where as blue indicates fast bounce and so on. Now days various balls concerned with different standard companies are available in the market. The floor of the court is divided into half, which in turn are divided into two rear "quarter courts" and two "service boxes".

In respect of dresses, men in gerneral wear shorts and t-shirts while women are comfortable in skirt and t-shirt or they may use the sports dress. In the present age, due to fastness more complexes Polycarbonate lenses are also suggested to use for the eye protection. By and large the competition matches ends with best of five and each game consists of 9 points. But rules and games could be modified subtly to hold up the time. Then the game could end at best out of three, but with the cognizance of the players.
Squash is great anyway.
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