Spring Forward With Fabulous Party Attire

It is that wonderful time of year again, where we are surrounded by bountiful colors and beautiful blooms. Time to say goodbye to our drab winter wardrobes and embrace all the fresh elements of spring. After a very dark and neutral fall season, spring hit the runways with eye-popping candy colored prints, sunshine yellows, crisp whites, and brazen metallics.
Spring’s hottest trends will blend fashions from the sixties, seventies and eighties with a chic modern twist. Accessories have also been vamped up for the spring, from jewelry to handbags; the look is big, chunky, and bold. To finish the look, the beauty trends for the season are eye piercing metallic eyes; sun kissed skin, and pretty neutral lips. Playing up your pout with glossy shears is all the rage this season. Keep it fresh and feminine and most importantly have fun!

One of the most important factors this and every season is versatility. Being able to take that one fabulous dress and transform it to suite many occasions is essential, especially when adhering to a budget. Just by modifying a few accessories you can easily transition from that conservative day look to chic party attire. If you are not brave enough to embrace the shocking vibrant colors of this spring, no worries, the classic little black dress will always be in style. In fact, every woman should have this classic staple in her closet. In order to pull off a great look, we have to be confident in our choices. We should not be afraid to experiment with the trends of the season. Try to incorporate the trends into your party attire by pairing it up with a metallic bag and a great pair of metallic peep toes. Your party clothes should be an expression of your own individual style, so be creative and make your uniqueness shine through.

While experimenting with your newfound freedom, it is important to remember that each occasion will warrant an appropriate look. Party attire will vary depending on the occasion. It might be wise to skip the mini dress party suit when attending a formal affair such as a charity event. Likewise, you might want to hold off on the evening gown for that casual beach wedding in the Hamptons. Also, let’s not forget to mention that party clothes should never, under any circumstance, translate into trashy clothes. A mini skirt should never be mistaken for a hankie. Confidence is from within and your party attire is a reflection of that. Leaving a little to the imagination, will speak volumes in regards to the confident woman you are.

Fashion and beauty trends will continuously evolve each and every year. One thing that is for sure is that although trends come and go, they find their way back to the must have list. Clearly, the spring collections alone are examples of how entire eras can come back in style. If we can gain anything from this season’s trends it would have to be the diversity of it all. So many colors, textures, fabrics and styles are trendy for this season. With all these unique styles available and there is something out there for everyone. No matter your shape or size you can find something that suits you. Lets face it not everyone can fit into “skinny jeans”, aren’t you glad that trend is over. Spring 2007 will be a fabulous season, remember to keep true to yourself and don’t be afraid to try something different. Who knows, you might discover another part of yourself and it could possibly change your life.

Fashion, to say the least is the way in which we express ourselves. Who would of thought that articles of clothing can alter how we perceive ourselves. Our emotions and mood are also affected by the way we dress. The next time you wear your favorite little black dress, take a look in the mirror and you will notice that smiling face staring back at you.
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