Sports and fitness nuts

There are many wonders to the football season. Many games that are won and lost by underdogs and favorites, and many people like myself who are football fanatics, crazy about their teams that follow the ins and outs of the NFL and college seasons, so it comes naturally if there is someone you care about that's a football fanatic, that you might be looking for the perfect gift for your football fanatic.
Sports watches are very cool little creations for the sports fanatic. Anyone that is into sports and fitness will find them useful. Of course sports and fitness nuts span all types of athletic events, but most outdoor sports and fitness fans and competitors would particularly like sports watches. Sports watches come in very handy for the outdoorsman in particular, including hikers, campers, fisherman, white water rafters, kayakers, and on, and on, and on. Sports watches have wonderful features for outdoorsmen such as big easy to read numbers, compasses, clocks made to pace the heart while running, built in stop watches, and of course, bright lights for night time activities.

Let’s be honest, however, most sports and fitness enthusiasts sport beer bellies and watch the tube. They train with twelve ounce curls and marathon couch potato sessions. The average sports nut can’t walk a ten minute mile, let alone conceive the notion of a four minute mile, unless they manage to pull it off in the car on the way down to get a beer. Still, even for the most average sports nut, for whom the word competition is simply defined as the fantasy football game of the week or that thing that they wager on in the office pool, sports watches still make great presents. How so, you ask? Why would a guy that tailgates once a week and who is thoroughly ripped by game time possibly ever need a stop watch or a compass.

That’s easy. There are many, many great uses for sports watches by a fanatic that tailgates once a week. Those brats don’t grill themselves do they. Of course not, and paying attention to cooking details while trying to pound as many brews as humanely possible can be quite the annoyance. The last thing that you want before donning your cheesehead helmet or painting your face or warming up your terrible towel in preparation for your celebration at game time is to scarf down an under or overcooked brat, right? Sports watches are equipped with stopwatches and wonderful alarms. There’s one problem solved. What about those night games that the good teams get to play, like the Monday Night Football games and the prime time Sunday Night Football games? How will you know when to stop swilling beers to lessen the effect of the next morning’s hangover? Well, sports watches are equipped with bright lights and big numbers to make it easier to see in the wilderness. They are probably even easy enough for a drunk middle aged nearsighted man to read in a screaming crowd of seventy thousand people.
And what good hearted sports watching fan wouldn’t like to be able to figure out their heart rate when their favorite sports stud such as Ladanian Tomlinson or Jamaal Lewis pounds the pigskin into the end zone? As you can see, there are a myriad of wonderful uses that the average non competitor can find for wonderful sport watches. You don’t have to be Barry Bonds or Lance Armstrong to need to figure out what time it is. Perhaps you just want to monitor you alcohol consumption over a given period of time, and who gets lost more than a drunk? Why wander around the downtown stadium area aimlessly after the game. You’ll have a compass, you can at least pick a direction and know full well that you are headed North, for whatever good that might do you. No self respecting sports fan should go without a spots watch, that much is certainly clear.
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