South Park - Bigger Longer & Uncut With Scenes Not Shown In Theaters

If you are a fan of the South Park movie then you have to get the new one that came out on DVD. This one is called South Park – Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and it shows you everything that the theater could not show you. South Park – Bigger, Longer & Uncut shows everything that was removed from the film so that it could be played in theaters around the world. However, for the big fans of South Park you are going to want to see this movie. You are going to laugh till it hurts when you watch this film.
Now I am sure I will get a lot of hate mail for this, but I am not a fan of South Park. I have watched some of the episodes on TV, and I did not find them very funny. Then the South Park movie came out, and I went to see it in the theater. It was better, however, it still did not seem to be as funny as it could have been. Then I heard about the DVD coming out called South Park - Bigger Longer & Uncut. This was the South Park movie, but without anything cut out. I found this version of the film so funny that I could not stop laughing. Now I know you have heard of a lot of uncut DVD's that came out, however, none of them are like the South Park - Bigger Longer & Uncut version. Some of the stuff they put on the DVD I had to watch twice because I could not believe they put that on a movie. Of course, at the same time after watching it you will see why they could not play it in theaters. There are many things that you just cannot show at the box office, and the things on the South Park - Bigger Longer & Uncut DVD are about half of them. Of course, you may notice that this was a very high selling DVD. This is because that is what people want to see. They want to see things that you do not see everyday. In fact, that is why we go to the movies and rent film all the time. We want to see things that we cannot see in our everyday lives, and this movie has what you need. I have to admit that this was a great film, and this is coming from someone that does not like South Park very much. Of course, after I watched the DVD I had to go back and watch some of the TV episodes to see if they where any good. I must say I do not think that anything can live up to the South Park movie.

Now what was the South Park movie? Well this was a movie that is based off the show that comes on TV all the time. Of course, this is not a movie that the older people in the world are going to like. This is a movie that is based for teens and the fans of South Park. I have to say that even though this is a cartoon movie, you should not let kids watch it. In fact, I do not think that they should even watch the version that came out in the box office. With that being said they definitely should not watch the South Park - Bigger Longer & Uncut DVD version. In fact, this DVD is going to have you on the edge of you seat in disbelieve. You are not going to believe what you are seeing, and then you are going to wonder what goes on in the heads of the people that made this movie. Either way, if you are old enough, you should watch the South Park – Bigger, Longer & Uncut DVD. After all, if you have not watched it yet, or seen the one in the box office then you need to see the DVD first. It is so much better than the one that came out on the big screen. I did not know that they would make stuff like that as a cartoon. I mean, I knew stuff like this was out there, but I did not know it was in the form of a cartoon show.

For the fans of South Park, the South Park – Bigger, Longer & Uncut DVD is for you. In fact, it has your name written all over it. If someone like me that does not like South Park enjoys this film then I am sure that you are going to love it. For those of you that have not seen it you need to make sure that you are ready to see some things you have never seen before. However, in the end it is all in good fun. Maybe not clean fun, but good fun nevertheless.
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