Some Interesting Dress Up Games

Dress up games can run in a million different directions but all of them require a lot of creativity to pull off. Many people prefer the dress up games that are like charades where you are given a person to guess and the clues are given using only the available costumes. But there are other ways to play a dress up game and some of them involve a little thinking but they can be worth it.
People have been playing dress up games for a long time now and I am not just talking about the games kids play when they dress up in their parent’s clothes. We have all gone into mom and dad’s closet and put on their hat or shoes and pretended to be them when we were kids but there are more grown up dress up games that you can play that involve some creativity and some intricate game play. The most simple type of game is the dress up game that is run like charades where you are given a person to guess and you give clues using only the available clothing. But dress up games can get a little more complicated than that and a lot more fun if you know what you are doing and if you have a vivid imagination.

To start this dress up game discussion off correctly let us first take a look at the more simple dress up game you can play. The set up is two teams of at least 4 or 5 people minimum where the position of clue giver rotates from round to round. There are boxes of clothing set out and each box is usually just one type of clothing. For example, one box may contain different types of hats and another may contain different types of gloves. Many people like to include clothing like shoes and coats but unfortunately this is not a one size fits all world so when you are dealing with coats, shoes, or shirts you run the risk of the game being considered unfair. The best way to deal with that is to just use clothing like hats, glasses, or gloves. Using your creativity you can come up with more ideas. The game is played by having the clue giver from the first team choose a celebrity name out of a hat or bowl. Then the clue giver has to use the clothing in the boxes to get the rest of his or her team to guess the celebrity. That is pretty much it. It can be a lot of fun and if you give a little quicker time limit to the game then you can make it even more fun.

Other variations of dress up games include dressing up dolls or mannequins to guess a celebrity or even a famous movie. This game requires a lot of creativity but the advantage is that you can use more types of clothing because you are only dressing up dolls and mannequins. But the options available are pretty broad when you consider the possibilities of dressing up dolls instead of people. It can get quite intricate if you let it and set up can take quite a while but in the end the game is worth it. Remember that you need to put a realistic time limit on these games or else they are no fun and can drag on. If someone knows they only have 2 minutes to get their point across then they are going to work a lot faster than someone who has no limit at all.

So use your own imagination and come up with your own dress up games. Everyone loves to play dress up once in a while so it should not be hard to find players and it should also not be hard to come up with game ideas either. Remember that the goal is to be someone else just for a little while so the imagination is the key to all of these dress up games. So start digging into your closet and come up with your own dress up game. You may want to leave your parents’ closet alone though, you are a little old for that now.
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