Sites on a Cruise in Alameda, CA.

The shipping needs of another century created a charming island that lies off the coast of Oakland, CA. That island attracts many visitors. Large numbers of those who come to California spend time in Alameda, CA. There are many water sports available along the island beaches. And visitors are well protected by the presence of the U.S. Coast Guard.

When one takes a cruise in Almeda, CA, one passes many Victorian homes, homes that rise above lovely, well-kept lawns.  These homes might surprise the visitor to California. Alameda homes with their distinct Victorian style are not the type of home that one expects to find in California.

The Victorian homes contribute to the abundance of bed and breakfast lodging in Alameda, CA. Garratt Mansion is one such lodging within the city of Alameda. Others such as Washington Square Inn, The Inn Above Tide and Acacia House can be found in the cities close to Alameda. While not all of the bed and breakfast lodgings in the area are in Alameda, CA, they all offer an appeal to the visitor to California. Alameda's traditional charm can be appreciated by a guest at one of those lodgings.

Of course not all of the lodgings in Alameda, CA could be called old and quaint. The hotels offer all of the modern conveniences. Hawthorn Suites Oakland-Alameda is one or the city's newest hotels. It is a good place for any traveler to stop and relax. 

When a traveler stops in Alameda, CA, he or she pauses at a spot in Alameda County, a location within the San Francisco-Oakland metro area.  In order to reach this spot a traveler must either pass through one of two tunnels or cross over one of three bridges.

A part of the United States Navy has made its home here in Alameda, CA. The U.S.S. Hornet, an aircraft carrier, has been docked in an Alameda harbor. This ship, one which saw duty during World War II and also participated in the landing mission for Appollo 11, is now a museum.

Not everything that is in Alameda, CA lies on the island named Alameda. The Alameda Airport is on Bay Farm Island. History helps to explain this fact.  Alameda used to lie at the tip of a peninsula. During the late 1800s the creation of a tidal channel for shipping caused the transformation of the peninsula tip into an island.

The District and Pacific area headquarters for the United States Coast Guard has chosen to have its home in Alameda, CA. The Coast Guard has had a presence here for a considerable amount of time. In 1948 at the start of the California Gold Rush the Coast Guard cutter Lawrence arrived in the waters off of the coast of Alameda.

For the lover of water sports many fun and exciting activities can be found in Alameda, CA. The beaches have much to offer the visitor to California. Alameda beaches provide the visitor with a chance to learn or practice wind surfing and kite surfing. And of course the visitor to Alameda enjoys many opportunities to walk on the beach or to get wet in the Pacific Ocean.

Anyone who has been in Alameda, CA has not soon forgotten the experience. The charm and character of the city make a striking contrast to the hip nature that prevails in so much of the California culture.

A visit to Alameda, California carries one back in time; it takes one back to when the center of Alameda social life was the Encinal Yacht Club. That was a time when being a member of the elite was "hip."

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