Sex In Your Sixties And Beyond - Question Of Great Importance For Seniors?

For many, seniors and sex is still a taboo topic - even in society that is more open and education on sexual issues. But what does it mean for seniors? What effect does this have on seniors' perceptions of themselves? Medical evidence has suggested that sex can have a positive impact on seniors' quality of life so how can we change people's perceptions of sex and seniors for the betterment of all?

With an aging population, there are many economic, political and social issues to consider, but there are also more health and quality life issues coming to people's attention, particularly in regards to the often overlooked area of seniors and sexuality. Many feel that once they reach a certain age (usually signified with the attainment of a seniors card), their sexual life is at an end, but there might be seniors benefits you never imagined.

Aging does not mean that one needs to surround their sexual life. Though the nature of relationships may alter a bit, many experts in the field believe that sexuality is an important quality of life issue for seniors. There can be physical concerns, but even more important may be the emotional toil that a perceived need to repress sexual desires many impose on seniors.

Regardless of the medical experts who deem it perfectly natural, it is a delicate subject for many, and for seniors - many of whom were spent much of their lives in a climate that was not as open about sexuality - it is particularly difficult to discuss these kinds of things with family members and even with friends. Some may even be embarrassed to discuss these private issues with their doctor and therefore lack any way to find accurate information on seniors and sexuality.

Growing older raises many complex and difficult questions for the aged and for their families. Often issues of independence are raised and for seniors living with their families or in a nursing home face challenges in regards to their sexuality that those living on their own do not. What are the boundaries? Who is responsible for those kinds of decisions? Though the modern family is perceived as more open about sexuality, it is not an openness that often extends to grandparents.

Recently several groups and organizations - many of which are made up of seniors themselves - have tried to change public perception by openly discussing aging and sex and talking about how much of an impact sexuality has on improving an older person's quality of life. For seniors, it is important to see people like these and they can find important things to relate to in these groups' messages. Examples and information are crucial to help people understand that sex in your sixties and seventies and beyond is a natural thing and may help improve your overall health and extend your life.

A seniors card is not a death sentence - in fact, for many it signals a whole new age of independence and adventure for seniors. So why is the receipt of seniors benefits still perceived as a death sentence for one's sex life? What really needs to be altered is other people's perceptions of the issues. Many people believe sex and sex relationships to belong only in the realm of the young and getting people to think outside of this age range in regards to sexuality is the biggest obstacle medical professionals and seniors face. 

As with many other health and quality of life issues, the key here is education.  People must not be afraid to talk about these issues for their own and their society's well-being.

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