Sex And Speed Seduction

Feminism is the belief that women should be liberated individuals equal to men. As a result of the rise of the feminist movement, the parameters of the sexual dynamics between men and women have changed. In the past, there had been a long-standing belief that only men enjoy sex. We know that this is absolutely not true. Women enjoy sex just as much as men do. Women just approach sex differently to men. Women's criteria in choosing a partner, for example, are different from how men choose theirs. Women primarily view sex as emotional issue while men view sex as physical. For some women, liberation means they have new views on sex. When you know the techniques of speed seduction, you will know what a woman wants.

Speed seduction disproves the myth and beliefs about what type of men attracts women:  money, good looks, power, fame, exclusivity, and personality.  Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (an advanced communication and mind persuasion technique), masters seductive techniques that provide priceless knowledge.  These tools and techniques in the areas involving choosing the right pick-up lines, the art of seduction, the seductive art of conversation, successful communication, physiology, tonality, supreme confidence, and the right attitude teach men what women want and how to win them over.  The right attitude means thinking you have nothing to lose, believe in yourself, and not taking no personally. Confidence is an attitude that allows people to have positive views of themselves and their situations. Confident people trust their own abilities and have a great sense of control in lives. Confidence is a big key in attracting women because men who are confident are much, much attractive to women than those who are not. So there are a few rules:  no begging, it's not about you, game over, and saying goodbye.

Speed Seduction by Ross Jeffries is one of the most advanced seduction systems in the world. Speed Seduction works by capturing and leading a woman's imagination and emotions. Jeffries' seduction book teaches you to create a hyper-responsive state in a woman so that she can experience amazing feelings such as fascination and lust, and attachment to you, thereby leading her into sexy, lustful frames of mind, setting yourself up as her source of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. Speed seduction is considered by far the most effective technique in luring your target.  If you want to truly fulfill a woman and be the man that she doesn't  think exists, the man who romance novels are based on, then this method is for you. But be warned! Speed seduction is also the hardest to learn.  Ross Jeffries, creator of Speed Seduction, offers complete basic and advanced home study courses (audio and video that come with a triple get laid guarantee or your money back). Ross Jeffries also conducts live Speed Seduction seminars in different cities in America and Canada.

Another technique in speed seduction, the Mystery Method(tm) is a practical, method that allows men from any background to meet, attract, and build relationships with exceptional women of extraordinary beauty and quality.  Although not always politically correct, the Mystery Method is effective in its goal of attracting desirable women.  The Mystery Method has been said to go against what society says women want and how men should meet women.  The usual wine and dine method is not considered the most effective way to create solid attraction or real connection with women.  The Mystery Method speed seduction is fast, real, and allows women to experience deep emotions that form attraction and connection.

Speed seduction techniques provides you the map, tools as well as the experience to show women ways to create interest regardless of whether that archetype was being matched or not, by focusing on the linguistic and kinesthetic/anchoring aspects of seduction.  Training covers a good amount on initial stages of approach and initiating with any women to create a strong base for further seduction through mental exercises that trains psychological communication skills.

Beware:  Unless you go to a seminar, you may not be right with yourself. Stop limiting your belief in yourself. The power of speed seduction will just burn you up.  This is neither for the intellectually challenged nor for those totally out of tune with their emotions.  Work hard to become one of the greatest seducers in the world or you are of average or lower IQ I would suggest double your dating or mystery method. But if you are intelligent, open-minded, and are ready to see a new world that you were previously unaware of, Speed seduction is for you!  Enjoy the journey.

Seduction Books:  (1) Patrick Wanis' book, "How to meet a girl -...", 2003, Second Edition -revised and expanded. (2)  Ross Jeffries's book, Speed Seduction.  (3) David D'Angelo's book, Double your dating.  (4)  Swingcat's book, Real World Seduction.

What a woman truly wants:  Ultimately there is one thing that every woman longs for. The key to win over a woman is to help her experience that intense state of love and ecstasy with you!

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