Setting a Fantastic Christmas Table

Holidays, whatever else they might be about in terms of religion and spirituality, are also about indulgence. Whether it be presents, food, or drink, people use this time of year to partake in things that they would not most other times of the year. Setting up a delicious spread on your Christmas table is a really important part of the holidays. There are a couple of things you need to know before you start that will bring extra oomph to your xmas menu.

Setting a great Christmas Table, fit for a magazine cover is no easy task, but it doesn't have to be impossible.  Everyone wants that moment when they look at that Christmas table spread out before them, with all the food and indulgence that the holidays bring.  It is such a huge part of the holidays, and that is why the Christmas table has to be perfect.  There are several aspects to consider when planning the perfect Christmas table, one is the food, one is the decoration, and the other is the arrangement.  By carefully considering all three of these aspects, you will find that your Christmas table comes out to be perfect.

The first and perhaps the most important aspect of your Christmas table is the food.  The xmas menu is of paramount importance.  What to include, how much to cook, what types of things should I be cooking, all of these are very important questions.  You will want to first and foremost consider your own family's traditions.  Do you eat turkey, ham, or something else entirely on Christmas?  Is it going to be an evening meal or an afternoon meal?  What about the people you are inviting?  Are there any specific dietary tastes or requirements that you should consider when planning your xmas menu?  These considerations are very important in planning your Christmas table.  If you are like most family's there are some must haves on the menu.  You can deviate from traditions but only so much, people don't want to be surprised on holidays.  Holidays are about comfort and people find comfort in the familiar.  It is better to play with the seasonings or minor alterations.  If you always have chocolate cake as a tradition in your family, maybe you could try a sour-cream chocolate cake.  If you normally have roasted potatoes, try some different seasonings or even a different type of potato.  If you are trying new recipes for old favorites, the weeks leading up to Christmas can give you time to test out the new recipes on a smaller audience, like the people living with you or your co-workers.

What you have next is the decoration.  There is bound to be a lot of food on Your Christmas table, so you will probably have limited room for decorations.  Keep them simple and elegant.  Also make sure they are not food-items.  It should be incredibly clear that the decorations are not to be eaten.  It would be very embarrassing for someone to try to eat wax fruit or berries, or have some of the fake leaves in their salad.  In addition, the unfortunate person may not just be embarrassed, if no one catches him he runs therisk of choking on the plastic food.  Candles are good, just be sure to set them up in a way so that, if they are lit, the wax does not get on the food and there is little chance that they will be knocked over. 

Lastly, arrangement is very important on your Christmas table.  Having the right serving plates and arranging them in just the right way can make your table really attractive and increase the enjoyment of the food.  If it is a sit down dinner, keep the dishes that are more likely to be one serving on the inside, closer to the middle of the table.  This is because things like bread, butter, and gravy will be circulating around the outside of the table and there needs to be plenty of room for them.  The turkey or ham should be close enough to the people carving and serving so that they can reach it comfortably from their seats.  You may even want to consider a special cart for the meat.  It would be both attractive and create a lot more room on your Christmas table.  By following these few simple tricks, you can have a great spread that everyone will enjoy on your Christmas table.

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