Send And Receive Instant Messages Via The AOL Instant Messenger!

The world seems to be shrinking further with the development of Information Technology. The Instant Messenger has truly come of age today, with more and more people using this software for personal and business purposes as well. There are any number of free IM clients available on the Net - you can choose the one that most suits your needs. The AOL IM is becoming one of the most popular clients today, offering many benefits and business solutions to its users.
Instant Messaging or IM, as it is popularly known, is a way of communicating over the Internet, in real time. The two people messaging each other do so by typing text on their respective computers, which are both online, that is, connected to the Net.

Communicating with instant messages is different from email, in that, these messages are delivered to the other party within a fraction of a second of being typed on one computer. Instant messaging involves the use of what is known as a client program. These clients or messengers provide the user a list of his contacts, letting him know who’s online at that moment and available for chat.

Instant messages are sent to the other party only when the user has typed his material and hits the ‘send’ button. Till then, the person at the other end will not be able to see what he is typing. This was not the case in the past. Then, both the parties could see the typing in process with all the typos, errors and so on.

Before being able to communicate with your friends via instant messages, one of you has to first ask permission to be included in the other’s contact list. So that lets you choose if you want a certain person in your contact list. The other party will be able to contact you only if you approve the friend request, never otherwise.

With an instant messenger, you can even set a status message for yourself to let you know of your availability for chat. Would you like not to be contacted at all for a few days? You can set your status to be appearing offline to all parties concerned. Many clients even let you set stealth settings for each separate contact in your list. You may want to appear online to one contact and offline to another. Some clients let you manipulate these settings accordingly as well.

Has one of your contacts been troubling you endlessly? You may choose to block him/her from your contact list, so that he/she will not be able to see when you are online. You may even delete the contacts if you so wish.

Many IM clients today offer you the benefit of letting you connect to friends logged on to other IM networks. This works out great for both of you, as you can stick to your respective networks. IM clients also let you save your chat sessions, so that you can get back to it later. Chat is extremely suitable for people with hearing disabilities, who can communicate through the written word.

Many clients allow you to conference with multiple users at the same time. This is especially useful for the corporate world, as global meetings can be conducted online, using instant messages. This cuts the company’s costs of otherwise having to send its executives to the venue of the meeting. Of course, this also poses the dangers of security risks, so sensitive information has to be passed on only after due consideration of this point.

The America Online Instant Messenger

The AOL IM is one of the best IM clients today, with millions of users of this software. You just have to download it and install it onto your PC. You can then start your chat sessions right away! One of the best things about this IM is that you can add it onto website as well, making it a very interface for you to work with.

With the America Online instant messenger, you can not only increase your friends’ circle, you can also use this software safely for your business transactions as well. The AOL AIM Pro is created for business people and offers increased security. Besides, you can also stream audio and IM Video with this software.

So go right ahead and experience the power of the AOL IM!
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