See the Stars in Hollywood on Hollywood Vacations

Hollywood vacations are incredibly popular vacations for Americans and for people from around the world. Many visitors to the city come with expectations of seeing the stars in Hollywood. After all this is where they come to shine, and catching a glimpse or meeting a celebrity here in Tinseltown is definitely a big treat.
Thousands of people every year come to see the stars in Hollywood. Some are content just with seeing the stars in the sidewalk, but others are looking for the real McCoy. After all Tinseltown is where the stars come to play, and many hope to see the stars in Hollywood for real. Many make it the primary focus of their Hollywood vacations.

If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of celebrity during your stay in Hollywood, there are many different places you can go. The one thing about celebrities is this: they are unpredictable. You never know where you will happen to see the stars in Hollywood. You might be struggling for your whole vacation to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, then go into a 7-11 to buy a pack of gum and see a celebrity standing there in line. You truly never know where you will see the stars in Hollywood.

There are a few different ways that you can try to increase the odds that you will see a celebrity when you come to see the stars in Hollywood. Finding out where celebrities have been known to hang out is definitely not a bad idea.

So where do the stars in Hollywood hang out? Obviously different celebrities are going to be hanging out in different places and doing different things. If you are interested in catching a glimpse of a celebrity, you might be interested in learning where they go to work out and what sort of sports they are into playing. Then, go check these places out and see if you get lucky!

Among the most popular sports attractions in the Hollywood area, several are often found catering to some of the hottest stars in Hollywood. The Malibu Triathlon, the Long Beach Grand Prix Celebrity Race, Police-Celebrity Golf Tournament: these are all great events to go and see celebrities. Not only are you seeing the stars in Hollywood, but you are watching them compete in some fantastic sporting events!

If you are wondering where the stars in Hollywood go to train and work out before starting off on their sporting competitions, the two most popular gyms in Hollywood are Crunch Gym and Gold's Gym. If you are looking to see stars in Hollywood working out, this is the most likely place to find them. Many of course also have personal trainers, but this is generally done on a far more private basis.

There are also plenty of bars and night clubs that celebrities like to hang out at here in Hollywood. Coming to some of the hottest part in town can be a great way to see the stars in Hollywood on Hollywood vacations and just have a good time.

While the glory days of the Coconut Room may now be over, don't think that there are bars and nightclubs all over Hollywood that aren't still popular among the stars. Try, for example, the Sky Bar, which is one of the most popular celebrity bars in the city. It was established and created, in fact, by Randy Gerber. Randy Gerber is better known as the husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Many celebrities have been spotted here in the Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel. It is also a popular place for celebrities to come and spend the night. Stars such as Leonardo diCaprio have spent the night here. Jeanne Claude Van-Damme first met Jewel here. It is exceedingly popular with the rock crowd, drawing in such acts to come in and take a break as the Smashing Pumpkins, Public Enemy, Hole, the Who and more.

Seeing stars in Hollywood is a popular exercise on Hollywood vacations. Don't miss out on the fun, come to Hollywood today!
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