See Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is known as the Monarch of the Sonoran Desert, and with good reason. It exhibits some of the most diverse and unique display of desert life to be seen anywhere in the United States. Chief among the spectacular diversity of the desert you can see here in Saguaro NP is the saguaro cactus, unique to the Sonoran desert.
When people travel to Saguaro National Park buried in the heart of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, most often they come to see its profound beauty by car. The most popular drive through the park is the 6 mile long Bajada Loop Drive. Beginning about 1 and a half miles from the visitors' center and following a graded dirt road, the Bajada Loop Drive takes you through some of the densest sections of saguaro forest to see this unique and beautiful cactus up close and in large numbers. The Saguaro are the king of Saguaro NP, and also lend the park its name.

An even more popular drive can be found in Saguaro East, the eastern region of the park. An 8 mile loop along a paved road, Cactus Forest Drive takes you through an even more spectacular saguaro forest. Some of the saguaro here can grow to an amazing 50 feet in height and are some of the most amazing examples of cacti you will find here in Saguaro National Park or anywhere else in the world.

If you want to experience Saguaro National Park in an even more real and intimate way, there are over 128 miles of trails that wind their way through this magnificent park. Most of these trails can be found in Saguaro East, the more popular side of the park. The most basic of hikes and also one of the most interesting is the Desert Ecology Trail, which is located along Cactus Forest Drive. Taking a brief self-guided tour here will give you a closer look inside this saguaro forest as well as explain the role of water in desert life. The Desert Ecology Trail is accessible to the disabled.

Many other trails wind their way through this fascinating section of desert. Many of the trails overlap and interconnect, so it is possible to take whatever ways you choose for your own desert adventure. Horseback riders are also in for a treat: horseback riding is allowed on all of the trails here in Saguaro East save for the Tanque Verde Ridge Trail, Miller Creek Trail, and the Rincon Peak Trail.

If you find yourself on the western half of Saguaro NP, you might be interested in the Cactus Garden Trail, located at the Visitors Center. A paved, level walkway guides you through a collection of fantastic desert botanical life.

One of the most spectacular walks in the park can also be found in Saguaro West here on the western side of Saguaro National Park. The Valley View Overlook Trail takes you on a 1.5 mile round trip tour of the valley and offers up amazing panoramic vistas of the saguaro forests laid out beneath you.

Even if you aren't planning on hiking or horseback riding through this magnificent region, you might still be interested in taking a break and having a picnic with the family among the mighty saguaros. There are several picnic areas in Saguaro National Park, two of which are located along Cactus Forest Drive. Both feature picnic tables, fire grills and pit toilets. Drinking water is not available.

If you are looking for a trip that is truly out of this world, consider traveling to Saguaro NP in Arizona. This is one of the most amazing parts of the Sonoran Desert, and offers up a diverse display of wildlife. It is also the best place to see the mighty saguaro cactus, which is one of the most famous varieties of cactus in the world. It can only be found here in the Sonoran desert.
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