Seeing Life as a Single, Corona Offers Different Views

The Internet has proven to be a valuable resource for many young adults who remain single. Corona singles have posted comments on dating and on life at the Website Those posted comments provided the direction of the guidance that's part of the following extended commentary about dating in Corona, California.

A glance at the entries on shows that a good many young adults remain single. Corona has many singles who are searching for a date. On Thanksgiving Day of 2005, some of those singles profiled on offered a unique philosophy. One young man from Corona had posted this comment: "I see life as a great opportunity that we have been given."  Another young man had requested the posting of these words: "I figure we only are here to live this life once so why don't we make the most of it? Why be bothered by what people think?"

Both of the above comments came from a male who remains single. Corona offers some upcoming events that could sway the thinking of one of those singles, and could reinforce the comments of the other single male. They are special holiday events. One is the Corona Holiday Parade. This promises to be an afternoon of music and floats. The Holiday Tree Lighting is another event for both families and those who are single. Corona residents can enjoy entertainment, food and lights at that celebration.

After the holiday season every young adult can pursue his or her partner search using an approach that is more personal. Corona newspapers have a section of personal ads. Such ads reach out to young adults in Riverside County, particularly those who remain single. Corona has some romantic spots to which a single man could take a date.

One romantic restaurant in Corona is called Napa 29. According to posted reviews some of the romance in Napa 29 derives from the fact that it is "tucked away in an area where you would never imagine a restaurant." In addition to this romantic location, Napa 29 also has delicious food. Another reviewer said of Napa 29, "The chefs are fabulous."

Another romantic Corona restaurant is Cask 'n Cleaver. It joins with Napa 29 the list of "great places to go with another single."  Corona also offers the diners a way to continue their romantic experience. Couples who have dined at one of the above restaurants might want to enjoy a ride on skyline drive in the Cleveland National Forest.

Such a ride could offer a pair of singles a chance to get more personal. Corona would stretch out beneath them as they made that romantic ascent. Of course a view of all of Corona would highlight the size of the population, i.e. the great quantity of young adults remaining single. Corona though does offer further ways to meet at least some of those singles.

One possible strategy focuses on the existence of many nearby meet-up groups. Most of those who participate in such groups are single. Corona provides the single with a wide variety of nearby meet-up groups. For example, the Orange County Kabbalah Meet-up Group has 38 different members, many of whom are single. Corona singles who prefer to treat themselves with alternative medicines might want to join the 18 members of the Orange County Alternative Medicine Meet-up group.

Corona does have a number of different dating theaters. No single living in Corona should feel discouraged about his or her prospects for finding a date.

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