Saint Louis Girls And The Art Of Speed Dating

When I think of Saint Louis girls, I get this image of a down-to-earth chewin-on-a-piece-of-straw kind of woman. The type of a girl who is equally at ease driving a tractor as she is visiting an art museum. Or maybe I'm thinking of a girl from Kansas city. At any rate, Saint Louis girls are casual, pretty and a person would do well to find himself in the company of a girl from the "show me" state.

Like any other big city, there are plenty of singles out there you need to know where to find them. I spent several years in St. Louis and I can tell you, the Saint Louis girls are somewhere. I never quite figured out where. However, had the concept of "speed dating" existed when I was living in the "Show Me State" I'd probably had a lot more dates and lot more fun with Saint Louis girls.

The concept of speed dating is so brilliant; I don't why anyone didn't think of it a long time ago. Usually coordinated by an on-line dating agency, any number of men and women go to a speed dating location - - usually some great bar or night club. The girls and guys get a score card to fill out - with there name and photo. This is apparently pre-arranged. Because otherwise you have Saint Louis girls showing up with 10 or 15 photo's. Anyway - the bar or club is arranged with plenty of 2 seated tables.

Everyone gets two minutes to meet and greet and then time's up! And the Saint Louis girls and guys move on to the next encounter. Like I said -- brilliant! What could be easier? In between meetings, everyone has an opportunity to circle a "yes" or "no" with regards to a face-to-face follow up. Heck, in one night you could easily meet 10 women. If that's not the stuff fantasies are made of than I don't know what is.

A variation of the speed date is an "on-line" speed date. Basically the same type of rules apply but in a cyber-space forum. Photo's play a big part in this type of encounter. Players can even someone a cyber-drink or cyber flowers. The success-rate of this type of meet and greet is confidential but apparently enough people enjoy this kind of thing for the speed dating phenomenon to continue unabated.

It's actually a good concept on a number of levels: a Saint Louis girl or guy is forced to make their time count. Say the right things, do the right things, make a great impression. Buy a drink or two and press on. And hope you get some decent follow-up from some or all the people you met.

Saint Louis girls have a lot to offer prospective companions. But as it gets harder and harder to break down barriers of communication and actually meet, converse and get to know some one, the technique of speed dating may be the best thing to come along to Saint Louis girls since the invention of the tractor. These days, no one has enough time to fully develop a meaningful relationship. So the concept of super-speed dating takes the idea of speed dating one step farther. Instead of 2 minutes each to make a great first impression on a single Saint louis girl or guy, players get a whopping 5 seconds each!

Hey, we all know those first few seconds can make or break a relationship or at least the possibility of unbridled sex. So 5 seconds may be more than enough time to impress a single Saint Louis girl. Heck 5 seconds is longer than some guys can maintain an erection. So a quick meeting like this should be a walk in the park.

If speed or super speed dating doesn't get a connection of some sort with a few Saint Louis girls than a person can always try the old tried and true methods: go to a library, go to the park, go to a night club and hope like heck the luck of the Gods are with you.

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