Rounders and Saint Patrick's Day are Irish

What do people think about when they hear the word "Irish"? People might think about the March holiday of Saint Patrick's Day or the color green. They might even picture the country of Ireland when they hear the word 'Irish'. If they like international cuisine then, people might think of corned beef and cabbage.
What do people think about when they hear the word ‘Irish’? It is possible that they would think of the color green, Saint Patrick’s Day, and the country of Ireland when they hear the word ‘Irish’. If people love to eat and or cook many international cuisines then, they might think of corned beef and cabbage when they hear the word ‘Irish’. In addition, we might picture a lovely green field filled with wonderfully fragrant flowers or an Irish pub that serves fried potatoes, corned beef and cabbage, and cold frothy beer, especially Guinness. Guinness is a very dark, rich and full beer that Irish people and tourist enjoy on a daily basis. In addition, people who are familiar with Irish folklore and products will most likely think about the Blarney Stone and warm woolen sweaters when they hear the word ‘Irish’ Plus, Most people would think about the fictional character of a leprechaun when they hear the word ‘Irish’. Even with all of these beautiful and interesting imagines conjured up with the word association of ‘Irish’, it is doubtful that people would associate any type of sport with the word ‘Irish’. This is because there aren’t many sports that have originated in Ireland. However, did you know that the sport of rounders is Irish? In addition, it seems like the sport of rounders and baseball is quite similar. What is rounders? Let’s find out.

Rounders is a sport that originated in the counties of England and Ireland. The game of rounders is regulated by the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland and the National Rounders Association in the United Kingdom. Both of these organizations have different, although fairly similar game-play and culture. Rounders competitions are held between teams from both traditions with games alternating between versions, often with one version of rounders being played in the morning and the other version of rounders being played in the afternoon. Game play centers on innings where teams alternate between the players being batters and fielders. A maximum of nine players are allowed to play on the field at one time. Points or rounders are scored by the batting team when they complete a circuit around the field through four bases or posts or posts without being tagged out. Based on the rules of rounders it is clear that both the English and Irish game of rounders and the American game of baseball are quite similar.

Although it is generally considered a school game, rounders is played at an international level. Currently teams from Canada, England, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales compete against each other. However, in the not so distant future there will be the creation of a Pakistan Rounders Association. There are plans to develop the game in other Asian countries and it is understood that Zimbabwe also has a national council responsible for rounders. In addition, in 2008 the Rounders World Cup will take place in Sheffield England. It is possible that the Rounders World Cup will take place in Ireland in 2009. Someday rounders and baseball may be played in Ireland. If that happens then, people will think of rounders and Saint Patrick’s Day when they hear the word ‘Irish’.
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