Romantic Jamaica Wedding Celebrations

If you love the sand and surf but live in a colder climate, a destination Jamaica wedding may be the ticket. Think of fabulous sunsets, warm sand between your toes, a traditional Jamaican rum wedding cake and you have the beginnings of a sensational wedding celebration. The only things that you and your wedding party will need to bring are suntan lotion, colorful wedding attire and a bathing suit.

Beach lovers will undoubtedly want a destination wedding at a fabulous beach with plenty of warm sand, clear blue water and soft breezes.  A Jamaica wedding celebration is a great way to celebrate a joyous occasion while enjoying the charm of the island.  Many couples are finding that Jamaica is a great place to entertain their wedding guests and a beautiful place to honeymoon as well.

Planning a romantic Jamaica wedding celebration can be easy if you coordinate the festivities with the hotel you will be staying at.  There are many wedding packages available because Jamaica is a very popular wedding site.  The hotel coordinating your Jamaica wedding will be able to arrange for a marriage certificate, plan a menu, arrange for a cake and flowers and generally get you anything you want on the island for your special day. 

Couples generally want an island flavor for their wedding theme and this can easily be accomplished in Jamaica.  Traditional Jamaica wedding attire is very colorful, even for the bride.  If you are a free thinker and want a truly unique wedding, consider dressing you wedding party for a beach side wedding.  If you can't bring yourself to totally abandon the white dress idea you will still have plenty of island type wedding dresses to choose from.  Gauze, organza and other light and breathable fabrics are typical for beach weddings.  The last thing you need in a hot climate is a wedding dress that is tightly corseted and made of heavy fabrics.

Decorations for Jamaican weddings can include local flowers draped around white columns or a backdrop, white columns, candles, seashells and sand castles.  Some hotels have wrought iron gazebos decorated with hundreds of colorful seashells, which makes a beautiful photo frame for the couple and the minister.  Arrange white wooden chairs decorated with colored gauze or organza bows for the guest seating area.  If the wedding is being held toward the evening, tiki-type torches can be used for an added romantic touch.    

Wedding receptions for a Jamaica wedding can be very romantic.  Whether your reception will be outdoors or indoors candles, seashells, sand and island flowers are a must.  All of these items can be incorporated into decorations on reception tables.  If you are thinking of a unique way to decorate tables as well as give your guests party favors, consider using sandcastles made of resin or other material as centerpieces or as individual place markers.  Small tin buckets filled with chocolate seashells, scented shell shaped soaps, taper candles or other goodies make great centerpieces and gifts for guests.

Spend the day after your wedding enjoying the beautiful sites as well as shops on the island.  Guests can enjoy horseback riding, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving or just laying in the sun and soaking up the atmosphere.  It is impossible to be bored in Jamaica no matter what your interests are.  Weddings in Jamaica are a great way to celebrate a very special day in your life. 

Undoubtedly you will return to the island many times to celebrate your wedding anniversary and to enjoy the beach vistas that make Jamaica one of the top destination wedding sites in the world.

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