Reception Sites for San Jose Weddings

As fewer and fewer couples elect to marry at a church or synagogue, more and more weddings take place at or close to a reception site. That fact holds true for San Jose weddings. One unique thing about San Jose is the non-traditional atmosphere of so many reception sites. Below is a look at how some families choose to solve the problems created by many of the San Jose weddings.

The diversity within the California population has given wedding planners some very interesting reception sites. Still in large cities, there are only a limited number of outdoor sites. Outside of the big cities, wedding planners can find more outdoor sites.  Several of the more interesting sites have caught the attention of those families that expect to entertain guests, following one of the many San Jose weddings.

A number of guests from the San Jose weddings have become enthralled by the romantic setting at the Halkone Foundation and Gardens.  Those Gardens in Saratoga, CA are close enough to San Jose for extending a warm welcome to a long line of guests from San Jose weddings.

The Halkone Foundation is an excellent spot for a reception. The Halkone Foundation contains a lovely Japanese garden. A large, formal gate beckons guests into the garden's magnificent interior. Many guests from San Jose weddings have felt transported into another world, as they passed gaily through that gate.

Inside the Gardens, guests from the San Jose weddings walk across an ornate footbridge. From that bridge the guests can look down on a traditional Japanese pond. The pond contains both floating water lilies and colorful Koi fish. The clear waters of the pond reflect the beauty of the bride, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids.

Within the Gardens the reception sections include both covered and uncovered areas. Reception sections could be either quiet or filled with the pounding noise of a waterfall.  In other words the planners of San Jose weddings could suggest either an indoor or an outdoor reception at the Halkone Foundation and Gardens.

If the wedding party is going to be photographed at the Gardens, then the wedding planner might want to contact Ammie Wang. Ammie is a photographer who knows all the ins and outs of San Jose wedding planning. Ammie is also familiar with Japanese gardens. She could probably suggest a good spot for a photograph, if a photo must be taken at the Halkone Foundation and Gardens.

For example, Ammie might want to take a picture of the bridal party standing near a waterfall. Ms. Wang would know, from previous experience with San Jose wedding planning, the benefits and problems connected with using a waterfall for a photo drop. She would gladly share her advice with the families planning any of the San Jose weddings.

Ms. Wang does not always take wedding photographs at the Halkone Foundation and Gardens. She has also taken photographs at some of the other popular reception sites. She has focused her camera lens on wedding parties at the Gourmet Chocolate Fountain Company in San Jose, and at the Eagle Vines Vineyards and Golf Club in Napa, CA. She has called for a smile from many different San Jose brides. 

Regardless of where Ammie asks a wedding party to stand for a photograph, she always manages to combine both planning and creativity in all of her picture-taking endeavors.
Ammie has been the photographer at many weddings hosted by employees from the near-by Silicon Valley.

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