Realtors Get Nervous In Huntington Beach, California

One normally has little trouble finding surfers riding the waves in Huntington Beach, CA. However, such was not the case on Monday, January 16, 2006. Their absence did not signal a sudden interest by surfers in the Martin Luther King Holiday activities. Their absence was due to an accident that had occurred in Manhattan Beach. Read below to see how that accident affected a large patch of the coast.

On Monday, January 16, 2006 the realtors felt as thought they were sitting on pins and needles in Huntington Beach, California. They had grave concerns about the extent to which an accident in Manhattan Beach could impact the value of Huntington Beach CA real estate. Just north of Huntington Beach, up in Manhattan Beach, raw sewage was flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

The leak was eventually plugged-up, but concern over its possible effects filled the conversation of many residents in Huntington Beach, California. It was a topic on the minds of all those who made a living on Huntington Beach, CA real estate. Such an accident had never happened before, and no one could be certain how long the effects of the accident would make themselves felt (or smelled).

The accident was bad news for many out-of-state visitors at the local hotels. Huntington Beach, CA., a town where surfing was popular, had to temporarily close its beaches. The beaches would remain closed until the clean-up had been completed. The length of the clean-up could not be ascertained, because such a clean-up had never before been attempted.

Any clean-up experts in Huntington Beach, California, those who might assist the authorities in Manhattan Beach, quickly packed-up any papers that could offer guidance and headed north. There they helped to supervise the raking of the contaminated beaches. News reports indicated that these experts would later put chlorine over the areas that had been contaminated.

Meanwhile a strange and eerie site greeted those who looked out from the windows of the Beach hotels. Huntington Beach, CA and Manhattan Beach, CA did not contain a single surfer. There was in Huntington Beach, California not one person playing a game of fetch on the beach with his dog. There were no young people organizing a game of beach volleyball on the sand of Huntington Beach. There were no joggers running along the now contaminated sand.

Some store owners in Huntington Beach, California enjoyed a small benefit from the spill up north in Manhattan Beach. As the smell from the sewage began to enter the air around Huntington Beach, many shoppers visited the mall and the local grocery stores looking for air fresheners. Later the men and women who had worked on the clean-up came into the drug stores and department stores in search of light cologne. They wanted to cover-up the smell of sewage that had soaked into their clothing.

At restaurants in Huntington Beach, CA some chefs tried cooking dishes that required lots of garlic. They hoped that the smell of the garlic would overpower the smell of sewage that was beginning to enter the air. The chefs knew that few people would have a hearty appetite if they had to eat at a spot that smelled like raw sewage. 

By Tuesday morning the crisis seemed to have passed. The realtors in Huntington Beach, CA were no longer feeling ill at ease. The value of the Beach property seemed to remain high. Time and nature had already sent a measure of relief, supplementing the clean-up efforts that had been initiated the day before. 

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