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Palestine, Texas is a charming city in eastern Texas. Palestine is throwback to the days of old in the deep south, with grand architecture dating back to the early 1800s, gorgeous Victorian style homes and many beautiful parks and gardens. If you're planning some Palestine travel in your future, reading the Palestine Herald will give you a heads up on the news of the city and any special events that might be coming up.

The city of Palestine, Texas, was originally founded in the 1840's.  At this time it was found that the current county seat of Anderson County, a little town called Houston (not to be confused with the other Houston!) was two miles off-center of the county.  The state of Texas legislature had ordained that the county seat must reside in the center of the county, thus a new town, Palestine, was built to be the county seat.  The Palestine Herald's roots trace back almost as deep as that of the city.

In 1849 the Palestine Advocate was founded.  This was followed in 1889 by the establishment of two more newspapers: the Palestine Press and the Palestine Daily Visitor.  All three of these newspapers were purchased in 1903 by W.M. And H.V. Hamilton, who consolidated the three newspapers into what we today call the Palestine Herald.

If you're planning an exciting excursion of Palestine travel, you'll want to check out the Palestine Herald.  Conveniently enough the Palestine Herald can be found online at (Pretty easy to find!)  In the pages of the Palestine Herald or its online site you will find local news, information about community events and up to date weather information for the area.

The city of Palestine has a quaint, old-fashioned atmosphere.  An attractive city, you can find plenty of antique stores, specialty shops and more in Old Town for a wonderful shopping experience.

To further the range of your Palestine travel there is are a great deal more sights to see in Palestine than just the shops.  There are a number of parks, such as Davey Dogwood Park, Palestine Community Forest or Rusk/Palestine State Park.  All of these parks offer visitors a chance to explore the natural beauty of East Texas in the Palestine area.

Palestine also houses the Scientific Balloon Base, operated by NASA.  NASA uses the base to launch balloons as large as 300 feet in diameter to study the upper atmosphere and out space.  If you're interested in touring the base you must arrange a tour with the NASA public relations officer on site.

Not surprisingly there is a great amount of history to be seen in the city of Palestine.  The Pilgrim Church is an authentic reconstruction of an 1833 church built in the area.  You can see the Texas State Railroad, where antique steam engines travel the 25 mile distance between Palestine and Rusk and back again.

You can see Eilenberger's Butternut Baking Company, which has been famous since 1898 for its fruit cakes, the Howard House Museum or the Museum for East Texas Culture all in Palestine.

There are also plenty of special events going on in Palestine, especially during the fall.  Fall Fest, the Dogwood Jamboree or the Rowntree Group Art Show are all popular events.  To find out more about these events, make sure you check out the Palestine Herald or the Palestine Herald online edition.  This will tell you anything you need to know about upcoming events, as well as what kind of weather to expect on your Palestine travel.

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