Rate Me Hot or Not

Forget watching TV or reading the latest news blogs, even forget about emailing for a while. There's a new rage on the Internet: rating photos for hot or not, one to ten, terribly fun and addictive! Fast forward through an encyclopedia of photos uploaded by normal people, rate them on a scale of one to ten, or just hot or not. Feet, hands, butts, legs, it's fun, fast and easy to find. If you're into internet trends, hot or not is one to try.
Remember the notebooks in junior high, forget what they were called, but they were passed around all day like a word of mouth rating system about whoever or whatever was going on. The hot or not photo rating sites feel just the same way. Fun, mean, fast, and hard to stop once you get into it.

Usually you have to register for free on one of the sites, easy enough. Then start to flip through the photos and rate way. Hot or not, one to ten, stars, it varies a little bit from site to site, but the basic principle remains the same. Rate people, rate their features, leave comments, or post your own photos to be seen and rated by anonymous throngs of bored internet surfers.

Categories range from the standard fare that one would expect: butts, legs, faces; all the way to the categories that seem a little too far on the fetish side: feet, hands, eyes, hair. I was a bit surprised in my little bit of research to find that feet are nearly most of the photos people like to publish. Why is that? Because your own feet are easy to photograph? Because it’s easy to make almost anyone’s feet look good with some basic attention to polish and lighting? Because there’s a lot more foot fetish people out there than I realized? Or are there more foot photos up on the hot or not sites because you have a better chance at “hot” when someone’s performing a photo rate on you? Your feet are one of the last places on the body to get fat also, which might explain the prevalence of foot photos on the hot or not sites also.

Some of the photos are absolutely hilarious. Old Englishmen with a huge grin on their face, ready to be rated. Skin sagging, white as the driven snow, not terribly attractive but the charm might be irresistible. When those kinds of cheeky photos comes up and you have to chose hot or not, it’s hard not to laugh out loud and then rate them an absolute ten just to make the guy feel good. Haha. Conversely some of the people remind you of someone you love to hate, or hate to love, and you can rate them hot or not accordingly also. Shoot ‘em down with a single star or a zero rating.

It’s no wonder the hot or not rating sites have taken off wildly and that there’s thousands of people around the world spending time sifting through photographs uploaded of normal people putting their features on the internet to see what kind of a response they get. It’s easy, fast, fun, and addictive. I could easily envision other hot or not sites sprouting up, ranging from rating politicians hot or not, foods, cities, ideas, and celebrities, types of vacations or daily endeavors. The human race naturally tends toward a simplification of concepts into black and white, hot or not, simplifying our daily complexities. That’s why hot or not sites flourish. An individual can simplify attraction to others into a simple one click rating system. It fulfills some kind of human need in all of us. From junior high on, the attraction of that need follows us, and the hot or not photo rate sites fill that need.

Hot or not photo rate sites are huge fun. Easy to find, easy to use, addictive and fulfilling.
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