Rally Around Pro Feminism

The subject of feminism or even pro feminism though has led to the rise of serious debates throughout the international arena, but at the same time it must be said that this very thought has saved women from several awkward incidents? How? We now that each theory leads to the birth of a new thought process in the society. Again, the condition of women in respect of social, economic and political terms has been most piteous, if not horrific! The emergence of the notion of pro feminism has helped to bring back the lost self-pride among the women and also the zeal to fight for the rights till the last. It is most felt in its crusade against the presence and increase of sexual harassments against women in the working places.
It is an undeniable fact that the scar of sexual harassment against women is at an all time high. Besides the saga of sexual harassment in the work environment management in the global spectrum shows the rising trend of eroticism and also the violence against women. It is true that the discrimination on the grounds of sex or on grounds of people's married status happens to be unlawful, except in certain special circumstances. But this has come to the light only due to the preponderance of the thoughts and theories of pro feminism. But it is also true that if there is any such desire the employers and designated training bodies destined to train the employers of this vice can take positive action for the promotion of equality. Now if you think that sexual harassment against women exists only through sexual exploitations, you are utterly wrong! It can be through any method ranging from assault, regular exploitation to affecting financially by restricting the imminent promotions in the offices! Well, there has always been the existence of these features, but with the popularity of the concepts of pro feminism they have come to the limelight. Even the international press and media is keeping no stone unturned to take up these viable issues at regular intervals. Now what to do? If the sexual harassments do occur in the office environments the controlling bodies of those organizations or corporate houses can set up management courses for existing women workers only, if women are underrepresented at managerial levels. There can be another positive action and that is to encourage applications from one sex, and that is the women. But it is also to be noted at the same time that though much stern laws have come to the fore discrimination s also on the rise. Though pro feminism has been playing its role in the most dominant form, now it is the time for the civil society to act. Or else the situation of sexual harassment against women will just remain the same. For instance, in the United States of America, according to statistical results the number of complaints has increased since 1996 in spite of the fact that laws and penalties are prevalent. For this reason, the main question revolves around the causes of complaints and common sense of organizational authorities unable to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Therefore at the primary level, it should be mentioned that both direct and indirect sexual harassment are illegal.

What to do next? There is no doubt in it that the innovative thoughts of pro feminism have played their roles successfully creating a new thought process amidst the society. But till this date the saga of direct discrimination, connected with sexual harassment, in general complies allowing gender to influence employment decisions, e.g. sexual harassment concerning promotion decisions or pay. It has come to the knowledge that "Harassment occurs when a supervisor conditions the granting of an economic benefit upon receipt of sexual favors from a subordinate or punishes the subordinate for refusing to submit to his or her request(s)" (Feminism and women's studies, 2005). Therefore what we have to do should be done very carefully. There is indeed the need of an international movement, irrespective of first or third world countries. Since when a woman gets sexually harassed, exploited or assaulted, it generates the same amount of pain, whether it is an affluent country or an impoverished one!
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