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Breast cancer can be a devastating disease, as it affects more women today than ever. One in seven women will develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime, and the disease is not limited to only women. While research is being done daily to find a cure and a way to prevent this tragic disease, money is needed to fund it. You can do your part by purchasing products breast cancer organizations offer, as money from each item goes towards research.

With one in seven women having breast cancer, odds are you know at least one person who has been affected by this ravaging and sometimes deadly disease.  Over 200,000 people will be diagnosed this year, and over 40,000 of those will die.  Breast cancer is the leading cancer among American women and is the leading cause of death for women age 40-59.  It is no wonder massive amounts of money are being contributed to research to find a cure and prevention for this disease.

One of the ways money is being donated to breast cancer research is through the sale of breast cancer awareness items.  Originally a few nonprofit organizations started selling pink ribbons for people to wear to show their support for the disease, with a percentage of the sell of these ribbons going to research.  Since then, the number of products breast cancer nonprofits offer for sell has risen significantly. 

Some of the most common products breast cancer supports buy are clothing items.  Organizations offer items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, sweatpants, and jackets sale.  There's also through certain groups caps, overalls, socks, towels, pajamas, and robes.  Even nurses can purchase scrubs as a breast cancer awareness item.. 

Other products breast cancer benefits from revolve around favorite hobbies.  If you enjoy cooking, breast cancer products include a cookbook, cookie cutters, and aprons.  For those individuals who like to head out to the beach in their spare time, sunglasses, flip flops and tote bags are all available for sale.  For crafty people, breast cancer organizations offer rubberstamps and scrapbooking supplies.   Even golfers can enjoy the sport while showing their support for breast cancer through visors, socks, headbands, wristbands, and even pink breast cancer golf tees.

Other merchandise and products breast cancer organizations sell include antenna toppers, fans, balloons, confetti, stickers, window decals, dog tags, lanyards, key holders, pens, Christmas and other greeting cards, bookmarks, backpacks and figurines.  There's also scarves, earrings, necklaces, glass bowls, mugs, waterglobes, watches, picture frames, luggage tags, journals, bracelets, CDs, magnets, and vases.  New products breast cancer will benefit from are being developed everyday.  In fact the Komen Foundation, which sales merchandise to benefit breast cancer, has a link where you can submit ideas for future products breast cancer organizations will manufacture.

One of the side benefits of creating all this merchandise and making it available for purchase by consumers is that it raises the level of awareness.  Almost everyone knows that the pink ribbon is the symbol for breast cancer, and most breast cancer products display this symbol somewhere.  When people see your breast cancer merchandise, they will know you support the cause in finding a cure and prevention.  Knowing that you're an active supporter, they will be more likely to join than if someone contacted them by phone or letter asking for their support.  The more people that join the fight against breast cancer, the sooner a cure can be found.

Breast cancer is a heart wrenching disease that affects many women, some you probably know.  A lot of research is being done to find a cure and a way to prevent this disease from even occurring in the first place.  The average person can help in the fight by purchasing breast cancer merchandise, which donate money to research.  With such a variety of breast cancer awareness items, supports should never have difficulty finding an item to purchase.

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