Pool Fun Parties Provide a Cool Dip and Good Time During Summer

During my college years, I spent more than one summer employed as a lifeguard. And private pool parties after hours were a great source of additional income. I saw a lot of crazy things at most of the pool parties I worked on. And although more than one guest of honor was stripped of his swimming trunks, I'm more convinced than ever, that pool fun is the best way to ensure a great evening and a good time at a private party.

A pool party offers a sociable way to cool down and have some fun. But it's not enough for pool parties to include just a wading pool and some chips. There are some things to consider before you jump right in:

Remind guests to bring along their bathing suits, and towels, if you won't have enough. I don't prescribe to the rule that the host provides the swimming attire as well as food and drinks. So put swimming trunks at the top of your invitation. Of course if the object of your pool fun is skinny dippying, than trunks are optional.

Don't forget to plan a menu and purchase the food and beverages. Keep the food light - salads, fruits, veggies and dip - since your guests will be swimming. Because the more your guests eat, the less time they can devote to pool fun. Also, avoid alcoholic beverages for swimmers. Consider serving sodas, teas, and juices instead. Although it may be funny seeing your guest stagger off the diving board, it's no laughing matter when they don't come up for air. Drowning definitely takes away from the pool fun concept.

Another important element is to clean the pool. Vacume the pool floor and sweep for leaves and insects. And make sure chlorine levels are correct. Conversely, one of the peripheral effects of chlorine is to make the water change colour when someone urinates. That definitely adds to the concept of pool fun. And also lets you know which of your guests is too lazy to use the restroom.

It's probably a good idea to provide a room for people to change into or out of bathing suits, if they need to. Have some extra sunscreen on hand and tell people to use it. Set up a number of patio chairs and tables around the pool area for your guests. Set up two additional large tables, one for snacks, the other for beverages. Arrange an ample supply of plates, cups, napkins, and utensils on the serving tables. Set up a stereo and speaker system near the pool for some background music. Surf music is an added plus. As the evening wears on, light the pool area with candles in lanterns, Christmas lights strung from tree limbs or floating candles in the pool(provided no one is swimming). Use citronella candles to deter insects.

Generally, a certified lifeguard is mandatory for private pool parties at rented public pools. Private pool parties is the responsibility of the host. He is to ensure that someone is on hand to respond in case of an emergency. If all the above doesn't create the proper ambiance for pool fun than your guests just aren't trying!

 So now the mood has been set. You're guests have arrived, they've changed into their suits and the pool beckons. Now what do you do? Well how about a cannon-ball dive competition or belly flop display? It's sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. Regular swimming contests are always a big draw. "Fetch the Spoon" was always good for a laugh when I was younger: the participants line up on the edge of the deep end and close their eyes. The host then throws a spoon in the water. The guests open their eyes and dive into the pool and fetch the spoon. First one that finds the spoon wins points for his or her squad.

The dog days of summer are sure to cover you in perspiration from head to toe. And it only gets worse as the months drag on. Why go to the beach when an invitations pool party provides the perfect opportunity to cool off.

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