Police and Fire Games - sportsmen in uniform.

An opportunity to find the men who enforce law and save lives everyday with their guards off, wearing the competitive spirit like any other athlete is the World Police and Fire Games. Police officers, firefighters, customs and correction officers from around the world participate in the games. They exhibit their innate talents and skills in the game that has over 65 sporting events.
The World Police and Fire Games Federation is a non-profit organization and it functions under the auspices of the Californian Police Athletics Federation. The Federation, in the year 1985 established the World Police and Fire Games. Held biennially, the World Police and Fire Games are open to retired professionals from the law enforcement and fire service departments. Officers from around the world participate in the games. About 10,000 participants partake in the event that has nearly 65 kinds of sporting events.

The recent Police and Fire games were held in Adelaide, South Australia. The next World Police and Fire Games will be held in British Columbia in 2007. Current members of the Board or Federation belong to countries like the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.
The Police and Fire Games have witnessed a steady climb in the number of participant nations. This has now become a much awaited international event in the world.

Duke Nyeus in California and other law enforcement officers in the USA structured the Olympic style Games. The World Police and Fire games have evolved from the California Police Olympics that started in San Diego in the year 1967. It was held annually. The firefighters became an integral part of the game; much later.

The event originally began in 1971 under the title, the ‘National Law Enforcement Games’ in the USA and the competition was conducted in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The World Police and Fire Games Federation has been involved in the efforts to organize the games outside the USA. In the 1971, when the games were played only in the USA, there were hundred participants and 15 events. During the year 2004, the participant count increased to 4,500 and nearly 44 states and 15 countries partook in the competition.

Police and Fire Games are multi-sport events. Police and Fire Games follow the same pattern as the Olympics. Now, nearly 70 different countries partake in the event and more than 10,000- 12,000 firefighters compete in about 65 sports. The number of competitors, in the Police and Fire games, is more than that of the Common Wealth games. Police and Fire games ranks second with regards to participation.

Police and Fire games are held over a period of 10 days. Promulgation of physical fitness and camaraderie among the Police and Fire fraternity is the main aim of Police and Fire Games. Police and Fire Games stress on the prominence of individual and team excellence thereby erasing the barriers caused by country, state and province.

The objective of the Police and Fire Games is to provide a world class venue, facilities and opportunity for those who enforce law and selflessly save lives in the world to compete and prove their athletic excellence. The games included in Police and Fire Games include angling, wrestling, pistol shooting, Archery, etc. Police and Fire games have about 80 disciplines.

Many world class athletes and Olympic hopefuls compete in the sports, making it one of the greatest events that is hailed by the sporting community worldwide. Police and Fire Games that began with limited participation in the USA has now become an event that invites enthusiasts from different countries to organize and host the event in their countries. The spirit of the men in uniform and the sense of camaraderie among the fraternity make the Police and Fire Games unique.
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