Plenty to See and Do on a Paris New Year Holiday

A Paris New Year holiday is a convenient stepping stone into central Europe. From the UK the flight takes around an hour or you can travel by train using Euro tunnel and drive off in your own car to explore the French capital. Whether you're interested in clubbing, history or simply wish to enjoy the company of Parisian's this very romantic city has an abundance of things to offer that will ensure your stay is an enjoyably unforgettable experience.
A Paris New Year holiday commonly brings thoughts of romance, a sophisticated culture, music, dance and a legendary history. The French are a friendly race proud of their heritage and eager to make visitors welcome by helping overcome any language difficulties. Although Paris strongly reflects its French heritage as with many capital cities around the world it has developed a cosmopolitan air that encapsulates peoples from other cultures including English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

To really discover Paris and because time is likely to be limited it is recommended that a tour guide be hired. Paris shares many similarities with London in that a great many of its most significant historical landmarks are recognized the world over and from this recognition comes the comfort of feeling that you already know the place. However seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time in all its physical glory remains overwhelming, as does rising to its highest peak in order to view the Parisian landscape.

Visitors on a Paris New Year holiday will be able to take advantage of the many tour guides available. Air-conditioned minibus services are plentiful or if you wish a more personal approach to your tour of the big city you might try seeing the landmarks from the back of a cab or, if the weather permits you might even like to ride in a horse drawn carriage.

A Paris New Year holiday will let you see first hand things that you have only read about such as he classical art on display at the Louvre of “The Mona Lisa” and the statue of “Venus de Milo”.

A Paris New Year holiday does not mean that you are limited to visiting just the city it is very easy to be taken on journeys outside to enjoy sights such as the Loire Valley where famous castles and gardens of the Renaissance period can be seen and enjoyed. Many castles and chateaus have been restored to their former glory and allow visitors a glimpse of the splendour that was enjoyed by the French aristocracy and later individuals such as Napoleon. An example of one such chateau is Chambord its construction beginning in 1519 while its completion is much later. Although no records exist that state who the architect was that designed Chambord it is possible that Leonardo de Vinci was responsible. Also to be found in the Loire Valley is “Amboise” a royal residence built during the 15th and 16th centuries that offers splendid examples of Gothic and renaissance architecture and today continues to house fine examples of furniture of the period. Arguably the most magnificent example of castle is to be found at Chenonceau which again was designed and with building beginning in the early 16th century and was for a time the home of Henri II favourite – Diane de Poitiers remaining in her custody until Henri’s death after which Catherine de Medicis forced Diane de Poitiers to return the property to the crown.

A Paris New Year holiday will not mean that New Year France finance will necessarily be stretched. Budget accommodation, tours and packages are available designed to make your New Year finance easier to bear.
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