Playing The Game Who Am I

Are you searching for an activity to keep your guests entertained at your next party? Are you tired of playing Trivia Pursuit, Scene It, or Pictionary? Are you looking for a game that is simple to play and doesn't require a lot of preparation or materials? Well, if you have index cards, a black magic marker, a roll of tape, and a bit of knowledge about famous people, you and your guests could play who am I. Who am I is a quick and easy game guaranteed to keep your guests entertained.
The sign of a good party is when all the guests are smiling, laughing, and having a good time. There are certain things a host or hostess can to do ensure this happens. Food and drink are a must. No party is complete without something to sip or munch on. Another must have is entertainment. Entertainment does not have to mean hiring an expensive magician or clown or renting out the local bowling alley for a few hours. Entertainment can be as simple as playing a board game or a card game. Another fun way to keep guests entertained is to play the game, who am I?

Who am I is a game that is simple to prepare for but will keep the fun going for hours. In advance, the host or hostess should list the names of famous people or characters on index sized cards. As guests arrive, tape or pin an index card on their back. Do not let the guests see the name on the card though. Throughout the night, guests then ask each other yes or no questions to aid them in guessing the name on their back. Extra index cards with more famous names and characters should be available for guests who guess correctly and want to play again. Who am I can keep a crowd entertained for hours!

An example of a round of who am I may go something like this. Am I a man? No. Am I a woman? Yes. Am I a singer? No. Am I an actress? Yes. Was I on a television show? Yes. Am I making new episodes of my show? No. Am I over thirty years old? Yes. Am I married? No. Have I been in any movies? Yes. Am I in a movie that is in the theatres right now? No. Have I ever dated Brat Pitt? Yes. Am I Jennifer Aniston? Yes.

Who am I does not have to be limited to people. All famous characters are fair game. Another example of who am I could go something like this. Am I a man? No. Am I a woman? No. Am I an animal? Yes. Am I a cartoon animal? Yes. Am I a dog? No. Am I a cat? Yes. Am I an orange cat? No. Is my sidekick a mouse? Yes. Am I Tom from Tom and Jerry? Yes.

Rules can be imposed on the game who am I. To force people to socialize, guests could be limited to asking only one yes or no question per person. For example, if Susie asks Johnny a question, she then needs to go ask Joan her next question. Not only will people interact more with others, it will extend the length of the game. Prizes could also be awarded for correct guesses. If a guest correctly identifies the name on his or her back, he or she can enter his or her name into a drawing for door prizes.

Who am I can easily fit into the theme of any party as well. If it is a birthday party for example, all the famous people or characters being guessed could have a birthday in the same month. If one is hosting an anniversary party, the host or hostess may want to limit the who am I names to famous married couples or characters. A Halloween party could have guests trying to guess characters from scary movies or scary people from history. With a little bit of research and creativity, the game can really be adapted to fit any purpose.

All hosts and hostess want their guests to have a good time at their parties. Good food, good drinks, and good friends are all key elements. Providing some type of entertainment is important as well. Guests who are engaged in some type of activity will enjoy themselves more than guests who are not. So, for your next party consider playing the game who am I? It’s sure to be a hit.
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