Planning For A Sydney Wedding

How does one go about planning weddings in a large metropolis, a place where you have never visited before? So many challenges await the wedding planner, planning her first wedding in Sydney. She wants to begin to create a good reputation as a high quality wedding planner. Thus, she has the chore of quickly learning who are the best caterers in Sydney, the most creative florists, what musical talent is there and even which hotels to recommend to the clientele getting married. Follow this new entrepreneur, a new wedding planner, as she plans her first Sydney wedding.
My daughter recently told me some of the latest news about her wedding planning business. She and her husband opened their business shortly after planning their own wedding about eight months ago. Now, they are so excited to have a contract to plan a Sydney wedding. The only weddings that they had planned up to now have been in small towns, using local caterers, florists and ballrooms of small hotels.
This wedding presented challenges to the new entrepreneurs. Being from a small town outside of Sydney, they did not know any of the local business establishments. They had a few ideas from TV commercials that they had seen about businesses in Sydney, but they had absolutely no experience with any of them.
They were forced to spend a few days in Sydney to acclimate themselves. They had to find Sydney caterers for sure. The food for the reception must be freshly cooked by local chefs. The tableware, the cloth napkins, the service reputations all must be checked out before choosing the best Sydney caterers for this wedding. This Sydney wedding must be perfect in order to begin building a reputation as high quality wedding planners. They really wanted more business activity in this great metropolis. They realized that their major income could well come from planning weddings in Sydney, much more income than comes from the little towns that they had been serving.
Florists were next on their list of businesses to investigate. High quality flowers are necessary elements in any wedding. Only the florists who could supply the freshest flowers in the best arrangements would be used in this first Sydney wedding. They wanted the floral arrangements to be upbeat, happy additions to the celebratory wedding day. Thus, florists who specialized in funerals were not being considered at all.
After finding the best caterers in Sydney and the most artistic florist, my daughter and her husband began visiting hotels. They made lists of both good points and bad points about the many hotels in Sydney. Sizes of ballrooms, congestion in lobbies, and courtesy of hotel personnel were all listed. This way, they could recommend the most appropriate hotels to the bride and groom of upcoming weddings. A Sydney wedding requires a higher quality than a wedding in a small town.
Besides the caterers, florists and hotels, my daughter began getting names of good musicians of all types from boy bands, to rock singers, to local religious singers. They needed to be ready to suggest the proper type of musicians for the various personalities of brides and grooms. She even listed an opera singer who said she would be glad to sing for weddings. They intended to ready for all varieties of people getting married in a Sydney wedding.
The highlight of the news which my daughter shared with me about this Sydney wedding involved who was getting married. The former mayor was planning to remarry after the death of his wife a couple of years ago. He had been a guest at my daughter’s wedding eight months ago. Nobody had realized who he was since he came to accompany someone, a cousin of mine. He had been so impressed with the wedding that he asked for the same wedding planner for his own wedding.
You understand what that means, don’t you? I will get to go to the wedding, my daughter's first Sydney wedding. The bride is my cousin. In fact, she even asked me to be her matron-of-honour. What a thrill awaits me!
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