Photo Finish On Matchmaking Sites

When using an online matchmaking site, you have to be sure and upload some pictures if you want a lot of people to view your profile. Of course, not all of us can take the world's best pictures, and some times it would be nice if we could put some finishing touches on our photos. Well the good news is that most online matchmaking sites now offer photo finish, which can help you make your pictures look the best. The bad news is how much people can change their photos and if you are really seeing the real them.
It is no secret anymore, people love to use online matchmaking sites. In fact, this is one of the fastest growing areas on the net today. The reason is because people do not have much time to go out and date anymore. After you get out of high school it is hard to spend your weekends just going out on dates and that is it. We all have jobs now and we need help looking for that special someone to spend our money on. When looking for that special person in real life, you always want to look your best, that should be no different when your looking online. However, some people take pictures better than other people. You should always at least post one picture of yourself on a matchmaking site that you joined, so taking at least one good picture is a must. The good news for the people who are not best friends with the camera, is that most online matchmaking sites offer photo finish now. So what is photo finish you ask? This is a program that lots of sites are using that lets you edit your pictures a little bit, to make you look your best. Such things like taking out red eye, evening out skin tone, brighting or darkening the picture is all possible on a photo finish. However, this may be bad for some of us.

The real question you have to ask yourself is, how much do you want your soon to be date editing their pictures? Because photo finish lets you edit so much, you may not be seeing what your date really looks like. That is the whole point of uploading pictures to these matchmaking sites, so you can see what your date looks like. I am not saying that everyone changes their pictures too much, but I am saying that it does happen. It use to be a lot easier to tell if someone had edited their photo or just put in a photo of someone else. Now with software like photo finish, it is becoming very hard to tell if it is a real person, or just what someone wants to look like. Have we all become consumed with fake looks? Are we so unhappy with ourself that we are willing to change the way we look to try and please someone we have never even seen before?

I do not think that photo finish is all that bad. I think that is was made with the right idea in mind. However I do feel like people took it too far. Instead of editing out their red eyes with this software, they are changing the whole way they look. In fact, sometimes they are changing it so much, that if you were to see the same person on the street you would not even now who it was. People have to learn to stand up for themselves, be happy with who you are. Do not change yourself for anyone, and definitely do not change for someone you have never even met. I know that people do this to get others to come check out their profile, and indeed for the most part, it works. Of course, you are never going to be able to really meet this person, because you changed the way you look. You are not even sure if they like you, or the new photo finish “you.” If you edit your picture, do not change it some much that you do not look like yourself. Use these online matchmaking sites to find someone you want to be with, and if they do not like you for you, then you should not be with them.
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