Pet Vacations: A New Spin On Family Travel

Family vacations have taken on a whole new meaning these days. Not too long ago a family vacation used to include parents, a few kids and maybe a grandparent however travelers nowadays are taking family trips to a whole new level. It is no longer just a family trip; there are now pet vacations as well. Whether it is a weekend camping trip or something a little longer term, today's families are going to great lengths to ensure that their furry friends can join them.
Nowadays when a family sets out to plan their vacation they no longer simply consider pit stops on their road trips or what amusement parks they would like to visit. They often consider safe and comfortable transport for the furry members of their family as well. More and more we are seeing signs of pet vacations and companies that are jumping on the bandwagon to welcome these families with their four legged counter parts. Cat travel and dog travel alike have become quite common through out Canada and the United States. Although it is advisable for travelers to call ahead an ensure that their pets will be welcome, they can safely bet that a great number of popular hotel and motel chains will be willing and able to accommodate them during their travels. Airlines are seeing a steady flow of animal travelers on their planes as well. Several years ago this used to be a rarity for an owner to travel with their pet but it happens now quite regularly. Resorts and campgrounds are also no strangers to pet vacations. While there are always rules to follow, many welcome pets.

There are a variety of cat and dog carriers on the market right now. Air travelers who are planning on taking their animals with them are strongly encouraged to contact the airline directly to get restrictions in both height and weight well before their date of travel. Each airline will have specific instructions as to what they will accept. It is also a good idea to consult your vet before you are traveling any sort of distance with your pet.

A whole new spin on pet vacations however are vacations designed specifically for the pet. This would usually take place when the owner’s themselves are enjoying a vacation but instead of having to hire an animal sitter or drop their pets off at a boarding kennel the owners now have options. So, instead of boarding their pet out in an environment less appealing then home the owner’s are able to treat their animal to it’s own pet vacation. A common suggestion for your canine or feline getaway is a pet hotel. In stead of being confined to a crate during his or her stay your pet will be given ample time to socialize with the other pet vacationers and get exercise in a social setting. Pets will also enjoy grooming while they are visiting.

For shorter periods of time a doggy day spa is also a popular choice in the world of pet vacations. At the day spa your pet will be treated to a day of pampering. This will include tooth brushing; nail clipping and painting, bathing and hair styling. The hairstyling may also include additional special touches such as fancy hair clips or ribbons. Quite often these doggy day cares will sell specialty dog biscuits. While certainly pricier then your normal dog cookies these home-baked treats are all natural and in a variety of dog approved flavors.

All in all, animal travel has become much more popular then it has ever been in years. For many people, their animals are like their “kids”. With this in mind, it is no wonder why we are seeing so many pet vacations.
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