Perceived Inclinations Pertaining To Gender Understanding

Perceived inclinations whether pertaining to sexuality or some other issue are just that, perceived. Perception is a complete fabrication of humankind based on criteria which may or may not be reliable representations of actual fact. How we as people view things has been preordained by centuries of tradition and transmutations by society to facilitate desired results. And sexual orientation is perhaps the most manipulated of perceptions.

Perceived inclinations are by their very definition something that has been dreamed up in the human mind. Perceived inclinations as they pertain to gender are so rigidly defined within our society that it is widely believed that simply by looking at another's physical build, body language and dress a definite judgment in regards to sexual proclivities and sexual orientation can be accurately arrived at.

Well, of course, nothing could be further from the truth. While it is possible to guess at perceived inclinations to do with proclivities of any type there can never be an accurate definite judgment made simply based on physical attributes. This inclination towards assessment on the part of individuals in society is as old as the race of man.
It seems to be part of the human nature to make decisions based on certain specifics of appearance and not wait to get a true comprehensive grasp of the situation.

Sexuality is one of the most important aspects of the human system and sexual orientation one of the most incorrectly perceived inclinations. Those giving advice on sexuality often err towards the side of social acceptance as opposed to encouraging one to explore one's true proclivities and arriving at a picture of oneself that is actually true to ones inclinations, perceived inclinations or not.

In other words in our society there are certain attributes that are considered feminine and those that are considered to be masculine. While there are characteristics that are the same for both and simply more pronounced in one sex than the other an overabundance-as decreed by a specific culture-of one over the other means that something is amiss and it is perceived that the individual with the compromised features is aberrant.

Females are expected to be soft, slim, subservient and easily pliable. Males are, according to stereotype, expected to purvey an aura of tough, muscular, often abrasive masculinity. These stereotypes have been created by the ancients of our particular culture with the idea of creating a system whereby procreation would be guaranteed and all aspects of living would be cared for. If the soft woman was found to be exciting to the masculine male he would be more likely to want to have children with her, and then take care of providing a roof and sustenance for she and their children. If the male appears strong and capable he will be perceived by the female to be capable of providing her with viable sperm not to mention keeping a roof over her head and keeping her well fed. While this rendition is a simplified version of the actual scenario it represents the ideals quite adequately and feeds into stereotyped perceived inclinations.

There is, in reality, no reason on Earth why a man who is not muscle bound, would prefer to sit by the hearth and read a book than go out and gore a boar should be considered less of a man than his muscle bound counterpart. However, in the interests of safety etc., over time it is the idea of the strong, outdoorsy male that has become the standard by which so many aspire to.

There is also no reason, in reality, why a woman who doesn't wear frilly dresses and simper about looking helpless and gentile should be any less capable of being found attractive by the opposite sex, producing children and caring for a household.

The bottom line is to throw out perceived inclinations because in doing so one can truly get to know another human being. In getting to know someone for who they really are, not what they might appear to be based on arbitrary, and nowadays media driven, ideals one is really contributing effectively to the procreation of the human race.

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