Organizing A Spoon Race For Your Next Party

A spoon race is a fun and exciting activity for any party. Kids especially love the tension and excitement that spoon races add to most events or gatherings. There are some things you should do to prepare in advance for the spoon race to make sure it runs smoothly and is easy to clean up after the fun is over. Preparation is easy and should only take a few minutes and you will enjoy the race even more knowing that the clean up will be easy.

A spoon race is a fun and exciting addition for your next gathering or party.  Kids especially enjoy racing against their parents and friends, especially if awards or bragging rights are at stake.  A spoon race generally involves one of two items.  You can either do the 'egg and spoon race' or the 'golf ball and spoon race.'  The first one involves, obviously, using a spoon to transport and egg while the second one uses the spoon to transport the golf ball.  You need at least four people to have a proper spoon race, but the more the merrier, as they say. 

First, for the set-up you need to figure out how you want the race run, you can have two teams of two.  The team members stand across the yard or room from each other at the beginning of the spoon race. Each person starts running across the yard to their respective teammate with the egg or golf ball balanced in the spoon.  Once they reach their teammate, they transfer the egg or golf ball using only their spoons and the other teammate heads for the finish line.  You can add as many legs and people as you like to the spoon race.  A variation on the spoon race involves a lot of people who have to form a chain from the start to the finish line.  There is no running, but each team member has to use spoons only to transfer the egg from the first person to the last person. In either case, if the egg or golf ball is dropped, you have to start over from the beginning of the leg of the race.   Another way to play this game is as individuals.  Each person begins on the start line with their egg  or golf ball in a spoon.  They all race to the finish line.  If someone drops their egg or golf ball, they are out of the race.  The first team or individual to get their egg to the finish line wins. 

If you are concerned about making a mess during the spoon race, consider using golf balls instead of eggs or of hard boiling the egg to make sure it doesn't break.  For some people, have the mess of the egg yolks is half the fun.  If this is you, there are still several steps you can take to make sure clean-up is easy and no one gets hurt stepping on eggshells. 

The first thing you can do is rent or buy tarps or plastic sheets to run the race on.  This keeps the egg off of your lawn or carpet.  Plastic sheets and tarps are generally inexpensive and are a good investment because they can be used for a whole bunch of things, from spoon races to home improvement projects to picnics.  Even if you are outside, you may want to consider using tarps because it will protect your grass.  You will be able to do a more thorough job of cleaning up which will discourage pests and the plastic surface will become more slick with broken eggs, possibly adding to the fun factor of the egg and spoon race. 

Although it may not seem like it, a spoon race can be painful.  Kids and adults alike can easily step on all those eggshells and those pieces can be sharp.  Make sure all your participants are wearing something to protect their feet while they are running the spoon race. Overall, this is a great game to play at picnics, birthaday parites and other get-togethers with both kids and adults.  With a few simple precautions, this game is a lot of fun for everyone.

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