Open Your Eyes Girls, Lodi Can Have Famous Guests

Many young people lack much interest in history. The historians of Lodi have been trying to change that. They have been telling Lodi's young female residents, "Open your eyes girls, Lodi can have famous guests." Then they have pointed-out the presence in a local guest book of signatures from two very famous ladies. Find out below what the future could hold for the next generation of female Lodi visitors.

Even in Lodi, the future of both boys and girls can be determined by the parents' actions. Lodi parents have always had high hopes for their girls. Lodi parents have wanted their daughters to achieve the status of a couple of Lodi's famous guests.  Those parents know that the guest book at Lodi's Wine and Roses Hotel contains the signatures of both Margaret Thatcher and Martha Stewart.

The Wine and Roses, a popular bed and breakfast lodging facility, has a number of features that catch the attention of young girls. Lodi has had a number of "little ladies" who have become fascinated by the beamed ceiling at the Wine and Roses. The lodging's bench seats have had an equal appeal to many young girls. Lodi scenery was especially fun to look at when the guests sat on one of the benches, squeezed into one of the Hotel's tiny corners.

Sometimes the trellises at the Wine and Roses hide from view the bouncing heads of little girls. Lodi's famous Hotel provides each guest with access to either a private veranda or a private balcony. The vines on the trellises outside of those outdoor nooks insure the privacy of the Hotel guests.

Of course not all of the Hotel's elements usher in memories of the past, a past that was an integral part of this lodging in Lodi. Sex, after all, is never outdated, and there was plenty of sex at the Wine and Roses Hotel. It was a popular overnight spot for honeymoon couples. Preparations for sex sometimes started at the Hotel spa. The guests who enjoyed the spa tubs were probably the most relaxed people in Lodi, sex and its demands unable to make them nervous.

The Amorosa Inn and Gardens has frequently had young females among its guests. For those girls, Lodi offered memories of tiny "tea" sandwiches.  Every afternoon the Amorosa served appetizers and wine in either the living room or the courtyard.

The ducks on the Inn's pond also created memories for those girls. Lodi storekeepers frequently sold day-old bread to young female visitors. Those visiting "little ladies" then threw pieces of the bread wherever the ducks could get them.

Young California girls could be in luck if their family has journeyed between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Some of those families choose to stop at the half-way point. Lodi is located along I-5 at the half-way point. The families that choose to stay at a bed and breakfast in Lodi deliver extra fun to any traveling girls. Lodi welcomes all such females, and it hopes that they might return after they get married.

Lodi also knows that all little girls grow up to become mature women, and some of those women become famous. Lodi would love to see more famous signatures in the guest book at the Wine and Roses Hotel. That is another reason why the owners of the two bed and breakfast facilities in Lodi love to see young girls visiting their establishments.

The lovely antiques at the Wine and Roses have caught the eye of many little girls. Lodi hopes that when those girls grow up, then they will remember that antique furniture. Lodi is counting on those grown girls to one day providing added support to the Lodi economy.

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