One of the top Rated Nude Beaches in the World: Praia do Pinho

In 1987 Praia do Pinho beach located in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil is the first officially sanctioned naturist beach in the country. Its magnificent, pristine, secluded environment makes it the perfect setting for families, women, and couples who want to be natural and free to visit. Unlike the popular clothing-optional Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida, in Praia do Pinho clothing is not optional. All visitors to the beach must be completely unclothed making it a true nude beach.
The mere thought of nudity, especially in public places, makes many people cringe in horror. They believe that it is immoral or indecent to be seen in public without proper clothing. However, nudism, the practice of going completely unclothed in either public or private settings, is a way of life for some people. It is a philosophy and belief system in which the human body in all of its shapes, colors, sizes, and types is viewed as beautiful and pure. Because we are born naked and as children have no shame or inhibition about being naked until taught to do so, nudists and naturists believe that we are healthier, more serene, more comfortable, and happier when we are nude. It is no wonder that people, who ascribe to this belief system or who want to simply go free and natural when they feel like it, desire to express themselves in public places. One public arena that allows them to do so is the nude beach.

Many beaches such as Wreck Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia and Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida are clothing-optional beaches. Therefore, people who choose to wear clothing can do so. This makes it far more possible for voyeurs and others with ill intent to violate nudist in some way. It is true that this sinister element can also be found in those who practice nudism as a way or life and those who simply like to take their clothes off (or are willing to take their clothes off) in public. However, beaches that are clothing-optional give more access to those clothed people who are there for the sole purpose of gawking at nude people.

The difference between Wreck Beach, Haulover Beach, and Praia do Pinho Beach (Pine Beach) is that in Praia do Pinho clothing is not optional. People must be completely nude to visit this beach. Praia do Pinho follows the same code of conduct that many nude beaches around the world follow. However, it takes one other extra precaution to help make the beach safe and comfortable for women, families, and children who simply want to commune with nature or enjoy a day at the beach in their purest form. The entrance to Praia do Pinho is designated for families, women, and male/female couples only. Males who are alone or with other males are not allowed on the beach.

Praia do Pinho became Brazil's first officially sanctioned beach for naturists in 1987. With its untouched, pristine location that is hidden behind majestic mountains, Praia do Pinho in Brazil is arguably the most beautiful beach in the state of Santa Catarina that is located in southern Brazil. The state has one of the highest standards of living in the country and is a significant industrial and agricultural center. The state is known for its beautiful coastline that includes more than 500 beaches; however, its geographic and cultural diversity are also big tourist attractions.

Praia do Pinho's white sand, clean water, seclusion, and beautiful surroundings make it a paradise where nudists and naturists can enjoy nature's bounty. It is place where families, women, and male/female couples can feel comfortable as they commune with nature and each other in a magnificent setting.
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