Nudist family Robinson

The nudist family is alive and well in the new millennium. Naturism is a very popular lifestyle choice these days, and the sight of a nudist family, particularly along the beaches of Europe is a very common sight. While nudism is not quite as popular yet in the morally uptight United States, it is all the rage on the grand continent, particularly in the warmer climates of Russia.
The nudist family is a simple nuclear family that believes in and practices the philosophy of naturism. Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle that celebrates freedom and a oneness with nature. Naturism, or nudism, is very popular in most parts of the world, and is growing in popularity each and every year. The nudist family is a common site in most of the nude beaches, spas, and resorts that populate the world. The nudist family is a very carefree and open family that ignores the everyday struggles of the common man, foregoing stress and angst and neckties in favor of the oneness associated with closeness to God and nature. In fact, Russian family nudism is a largely Christian movement that is faith based and driven at its core. There are large sects of Christianity in Russia that espouse the wonders of naturism and nudism, and profess that that nudist t family is ideally expressing God’s will at its purest. God did not create us wearing clothing. In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve did not need clothing until after the serpent and the apple, once sin and guilt were created in the mind of the common man. God’s will is ashamed of nothing, as is the nudist family. The nudist family is not afraid of the naked body and a nudist is not aroused unnaturally by its very natural presence. What is more natural than wandering around in the grand outdoors swimming or hiking or sunbathing in the nude?

Naturism is founded in the belief of freedom. Not political freedom or sociological freedom or freedom of tyranny, but the freedom of nature itself, the freedom to be who you are without having to hide anything from anybody. If there is no shame there is nothing to hide, right? Shame is a man made convention, not a God created ideal.

Nudist beaches themselves are havens for anyone. Usually they are set in an idyllic setting such as a gorgeous beach or desolate mountain top, safely tucked away from the horrors of city life. Many Christian churches have naturist communes on the grounds. These are places for people to practice both their carefree lifestyle and their Christian based faith. It is time for mankind to get back to a simpler life. Technology is a wonderful thing but can cloud the mind with issues. Sometimes everyone needs to escape, to clear the mind and free the body and get back to God’s green Earth without hassle. The fact that most nudist beaches are enjoyable vacation spots is simple the icing on the cake. It makes the decision to enjoy a few days away from it all that much easier to take. Get rid of the cell phone and the laptop and the clothing for just a few days and get out on that mountaintop or that beach and relax and enjoy the world and solitude and simple company of other carefree people. Perhaps your family is a nudist family that only needs to realize freedom to find health and balance. You’ll never know until you try.

It’s not a hard decision to make once you are there and see all the happy worry free faces of the relaxed people lounging around enjoying nature in the nude. They could care les about the stress and worry of morality and bills and other people’s hang-ups. They are too busy celebrating God and nature and all God’s brilliant creation.
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