Name That Tune Brings Back Family Night

Are you read to bring family night back? Well if you said yes, then Name That Tune may be just what your looking for. This is a game that combines the love of music, with the fun and enjoyment of party games. Its not a game to play alone, but for a group of two or four people to enjoy together. Just pop this game into your DVD player, gather your friends and family around and get ready for one of the funnest games you have played in a long time.
Name That Tune is an interactive board game that ask you questions about all your favorite music and puts it in the form of a party game. That may be why Name That Tune is so addicting to play. It gives you the opportunity to show off to your family and friends that you know more about 80s music then they do. With over 1,000 questions split into three categories, Name That Tune will keep you and your friends going for hours. The game also has a great replay value, which in short means that after you play once, you will want to play it aging. I feel that replay value is a very important treat for a board game to have, because if your only going to play it once, then its not worth getting. That is differently not the case here.

Indeed this game will take you for a stroll down memory lane of music long forgot. Which could be Name That Tune's only weakness. Its not a game intended for younger child. With a age requirement of 12 and over, Name That Tune is best played while the little ones sleep. Of course with questions about 80s music, the small ones may be a little left in the dark anyways. There are not to many board games out their that are made for adults, so its nice to see a quality one come out once in a great while. Also this game seems to be based on something that everyone seems to like, music. Everyone has a favorite song and a band they love. Now its time to show that love to the world by answering your questions correctly, show everyone what a true fan is.

Name That Tune is not your typical board game. Sure it comes with your average board and tokens, but it also packaged with an all important DVD. This DVD is full of hilarious film clips that are as entertaining to watch as the game is to play. Name That Tune is designed to be played in groups, but many prefer to play the free for all mode which could bring even more laughs to the table. Either way you choose to play, your going to have a great time. I know of many groups that do not even play the game, but site around and have a few laughs with the film clips. So as you can see their more ways to enjoy this game then meets the eye. One thing does remain the same either way you choose to play it. You will have more fun if you play this in a group.

When you start playing Name That Tune you will see that the questions are split into three categories. They are video trivia, name that tune, and name that group. Thats were the DVD comes in. When your turn starts you will be given one of the three topics. Depending on which one you get will play a different part of the DVD, in which you will be ask to answer your question regarding your topic. Simple to learn but hard to master. Lets see if you can remember all those old bands and music videos we all use to watch.

So if your looking for a way to re-live your past or a way to bring family night back, Name That Tune is the game for you. Instead of going out and spending your hard earn cash every weekend night, why not stay at home with a small group of friends and family to have some fun the old fashion way. Not so much a game that you can play with your kids, but a great game never the less. With more questions then you shake a stick at, you can bet that it will keep you and your friends busy for hours on end. This game really does appeal to a wide rang of people, and has a vast list of songs and video clips to listen to. Anyone who is a fan of great music and party games has to get this, and thats why i give it my stamp of approval.
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