More and more young kids are becoming preschoolers. Why?

Children who are three and four years old learn best through their own play. Most children this age have a basic understanding of numbers, but need to work on number sense, develop an understanding of patterns, and get a sense of distance, size, weight, and volume through exploration. Hearing songs and rhymes help a child prepare for reading. Fine motor skills such as drawing and working with buttons will build the skills needed for writing. Therefore more children are being coming preschoolers because it prepares them for kinder garden.
Preschool most likely the first investment that parents will make toward their children’s first steps in education. Preschool is more fun, then hardcore education, because many kids learn through playing. Toys now have so many different types of technology that your child is well on his/her way before they even go to school. However your children can learn from a simple stack of blocks or different shapes.

How do you know which preschool is best for your future preschoolers? Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you are putting your child in the best preschool.
Make sure the student to adult ratio is fair, you don’t want to put you child in a preschool that has 30 kids and 1 adult. So it’s important to observe how many adults are available in the class. Does one teacher look about ready to pull her hair out? Or does she have control of the students? Are there other adults (aside from you) who are participating with children?

Look at all the children. Do they look happy? Do they look content? Do you see any children being left out of any activities? Do the children seem to like it there? Or so they seem to be smiling or somber? You want to make sure that you check out the discipline stratageies to make sure you concur with them. Make sure you ask the teacher about her disciplining then look for a student who misbehaves and see what she does. Make sure to note if she disciplined the way she told you or if she disciplined differently. You want to make sure that the teachers discipline fits well with you, or if it’s too harsh. Then you might look into another preschool.

You also want to know what the future educational focus is. Make sure your children are learning what they should be learning. Make sure your child will gain experience and you are not just paying for your children to just play like he/ she does at home. You are paying for this, so you want to make sure you child had the best education for their age.

Preschool television has a lot to offer preschoolers. Many shows provided are to help children count and learn their ABC’s. Many others ones are shown to help children learn discipline and also helps to learn life smarts as far as not lying and not stealing and also not being mean to people. These shows are based solely making the child see what happens between friends when one friend lies to the other or one friend hurts the other friend. There are shows to help children who are afraid of the dark; these shows help a child to see there is nothing to be afraid of. There are shows that help children to learn about bugs and to see that they don’t have to be afraid of them.

Many preschoolers love to watch preschool television because different shows sing and dance, and include preschoolers in on the fun. They help a child to learn what he/she will first learn in kinder garden. They also help children to become more independent from mom and dad. To want to go to school and learn that mom and dad are not going to be able to be there with them.

Preschoolers are becoming smarter and smarter through out the years because teachers learn new stuff every year to help their future kids out. However many parents do not put their kids in preschool and that’s ok to. Neither one of my kids are going to preschool. I teach them at home thing they will learn in kinder garden and I’m able to spend more time with them.
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