Melbourne Bridal Showers And the Traditional Hen's Night

A Melbourne bridal shower is like most others in Australia in that it focuses on the traditional "Hen's Night". This is the bridal version of the groom's Stag Night. Now maybe modern day Australian weddings are in tune with those in the other Western Countries (most notably the United States), but the Hen's Night seems to be a thoroughly European event. In as much as far-away Australia something can be considered European!

The Melbourne bridal shower. Better strap yourselves in. This traditional Australian affair may have humble beginnings, but Australian women seem to have more in common with their male counterparts having a Stag Party in the club next door! The whole point of this night is to create a Melbourne bridal that the bride-to-be is going to remember for years to come. Or at least until the next morning. All the girls know walking in the door that the hen's night is the last night out for the bride and her girlfriends before she enters into marriage. So watch out because the rule books are tossed out the window for this one!

 Speaking of which, at a Melbourne bridal there are no particular rules and regulations on just how the hen's night should be organized. In fact, maybe the only "constant" is that the chief bridesmaid and friends or assistants coordinate and prepare the event. After that it's every girl for herself! So it's best to keep an open mind and prepare for a memorable evening.

On the low end of the Melbourne bridal "fun-o-meter" is an intimate dinner (yawn) with special friends and relatives. All female of course. It's recommended that the flip side to such a sedate affair is to start at a formal restaurant and segue after dinner to a nightclub or specialty venue. If that happens to be a night club having a "women's night" that all the better!

Don't forget the all-important ingredient of hen's night: the bride-to-be must dress the part. Because remember that's the whole point and tradition of hen's night! To let everyone know that this is the last night of freedom for this soon-to-married lass! The bride needs to be dressed right, and the more people that know the better!

Perhaps the smart advice to any Melbourne bridal hen's night is to not schedule the event the night before the actual wedding! Give the poor bride-to-be at least a full day or two to recuperate! Furthermore, consider scheduling the night out so it corresponds with out-of-state visitors. They should not be deprived of a night of unbridled (pardon the fun) fun and frivolity! 

Somewhere in the middle of hen's night activities is a visit by a male stripper, "truth or dare" parties that encourage drinking, and the use of such as an excuse to do whatever it is a person would do if they weren't inebriated. Whether or not this is a good thing is debatable. But better to get it out of your system before the marriage than during!

Meanwhile on the high end of the weddings Melbourne "fun-o-meter" is the consideration to plan the hen's night at a venue far away from the groom, the parent's and any one else who can make the bride-to-be and her entourage feel guilty! Nothing wrong with planning a weddings Melbourne weekend getaway for all the girls! Now, who's to say the groom won't be a little upset or even jealous, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime affair! Consider this, not only does such a weekend getaway allow the bride to put some distance between her and the accumulating  pre-wedding stress, but it offer up a little quality time for friends. Maybe the last such opportunity before the wedding. 

Melbourne isn't the only Australian township that celebrates hen's night. A wedding Victoria is equally renowned for this women's night out. And to be sure, a wedding Victoria has its own unique customs. But that's a story for another time!

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