'Meet Swingers' Activity Is Interesting but not For Everyone

My wife and I met a young couple at a Bingo hall of all places. It was easy to do - we were all seated at the same table. In between games we found several things in common. And we were impressed that this couple was friendly with us despite a 15 year difference in our ages. We all went for a drink after Bingo wrapped up and it was then - in between my 3rd and 4th margarita, that Harry asked me if I'd ever done any swinging before. I quickly ordered another drink.

The swinger's lifestyle is not for everyone. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but the thought of our new friends rolling around with us in bed did nothing for my libido. And my wife - who by nature is a touchy-feely sort of person - seemed to get really sober really quickly when she noticed Harry's wife may have been too close for comfort. But that was us. Some couples get a casual thrill out of going to a strip club and whispering subtle fantasies to each other while watching the bumps and grinds of the erotic dancers. Others play out their fantasy on weekends and meet swingers at a swingers club where they can meet that special someone who is more than happy to indulge them in their deepest wet dreams. One thing is for sure, once you meet swingers at a swingers club, lifestyle choices have all levels of involvement and couple's sexual limits can be as unique as the couple itself.   

The element that brings swingers together is their mutual common bond of sexual inhibition. Where else, but in a swingers club can you meet swingers and find a hot bisexual female who is in tune with your needs for a long evening in a hot tub? Where else but in a swingers club can you meet swingers and discuss the mutual limits of your sexual fantasy with other couples, who are ready to try a 3-way, 4-way or every-which-way relationship? There's no limit to what you can find. With a little initiative on the part of you and your spouse you can meet swingers and quickly find yourself caught up in a lifestyle you could hardly have dreamed possible. 
Married swingers meet each other via the internet on message boards for swingers or swinger couples. The ideal thing about the internet is that married swingers can get to now each other without the initial pressure of face-to-face meeting. Swinger couples discuss what their looking for in a swinger relationship. Is it romance? Hot and steamy sex? Role playing? They may agree to meet at a swingers club or perhaps for dinner and a movie. At that point the relationship will take on a life of its own. No need to feel inhibited by asking if the other participants feel like stripping down for swim or a hot tub. It's all been agreed upon before hand. Many married swingers may segue to the nearest swingers club because they know they can relax amidst like-minded individuals.

The challenge may be harsh to meet swingers, but many swinger clubs are laid out to resemble a nightclub, but with areas set aside where swinger couples can enjoy one another's company more fully. A swinger club may even maintain a suite of rooms much like a conventional motel in order to accommodate its patrons. The important element is that lovers of a swinger lifestyle can indulge and enjoy themselves without fear of embarrassment or persecution.

Needless to say, my wife and I declined Harry's more-than-generous offer of a romp on the wild side. They handled it well. And every now and again we bump into them at the Bingo parlor. For some reason we no longer sit together. And I always wonder if whatever couple sitting next to them will join them later in a hot tub. We certainly had our chance. There are some things in life I never felt like sharing, and my wife just happens to be one of them.

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