Many Amazing People Attended School At Home.

It is amazing how many famous and genius individuals received their education at home. Home school is a very touchy subject. Not every home education experience is successful. However there are some wonderful examples of home educated individuals who have become quite famous and successful. You may be quite surprised when you see some examples of home school success stories.
Three United States Presidents attended school at home. John Adams the second President of the U.S. was home schooled and went on to attend Harvard University at 15 years old. John Quincy Adams our sixth President was told in school that he was a disturbance and warranted a whipping as a result his father withdrew him and his siblings from school and continued their education at home. Abraham Lincoln is another example of a man with no formal education. Though much of what he learned was self-taught. This man even went so far as to teach himself law. Our third President Thomas Jefferson also went to school at home. These are just a few examples of a successful home educational system.

Some very famous writers also attended school at home. Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women, was home schooled by her father. Agatha Christie never attended any public or private school. She was taught at home by her governess and tutors. She went on to become a very famous author of detective novels such as Murder On The Orient Express. The author of the well known book Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis was also home schooled. He began his education at home. He attended school at home until the death of his mother when he was ten years old. After being sent to several boarding schools he was then sent to live with a tutor in order to continue his education. He later went on to graduate from the University of Oxford. Jane Austen famed author of Pride and Prejudice among other great novels began her education at home with family members until she was later sent to a boarding school. One other famed author to receive their education at home was Virginia Woolf. As a result of school at home she was able to begin attending college at the age of 15.

Among the list of amazing people that attended home at school are also some great geniuses and inventors. Thomas Edison one of the world’s top inventors was home schooled. The school system felt that he was not capable of learning at the same rate as the other children. Edison was not slow however, he suffered from a hearing problem that the school was not aware of or didn’t know how to deal with. He later went on to invent the electric light bulb, the telephone receiver, talking movies and many other amazing inventions that changed the face of the world. Benjamin Franklin only attended school from the ages of eight to ten. Everyone is familiar with Ben Franklin. Not only did he invent many things such as bifocal eye glasses and the Franklin stove he was also one of our nations founding fathers. He helped in writing both our Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution. He received a Masters degree from both Harvard and Yale even though he only attended grade school for two years.

There are still more famous individuals who received their education at home for at least a portion of their lives. Among these people are Margaret Mead, Gloria Steinmen, Alan Alda and Frank Lloyd Wright. Even the father of modern chemistry, Joseph Priestley had to be home schooled for part of his life. Not every child who is home schooled is going to become famous. However home schooled children have as much chance to succeed as any other child. Some children just require different methods of teaching in order to learn.
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