Majestic ofSummer Olympic Stadiums

Unlike the Winter Olympic Stadiums the Summer Olympic Stadiums are called on to be more than just a showcase arena for the opening and closing ceremonies. Stadiums were originally created as a theater area and a large arena for games so it is in the nature of the Summer Olympics to have the centerpiece of their games be the stadium. That is why Summer Olympic Stadiums are so impressive.
When a city applies to the International Olympic Committee, or the IOC as it is commonly referred to, they must show the IOC that they have all the facilities needed for the games or that they have the ability to provide the necessary facilities that the Summer Olympics will require. The centerpiece of any Summer Olympic games is the ofSummer Olympic stadiums. In most cases, unless the city has hosted a Summer Olympics before, the ofSummer Olympic stadiums is in the planning stages and most cities that are serious about attracting the Summer Olympic games will have broken ground and began some sort of visible construction for the IOC to see that they are serious about their Summer Olympic stadium. In the end, the successful host city is left with a beautiful ofSummer Olympic stadiums that they will need to find a use for after the Summer Olympics are done but when they are first built and opened to the public they are majestic and beautiful stadiums. Some Summer Olympic stadiums are well planned and well built the ones in Montreal and Los Angeles. Those Summer Olympic stadiums are still in use today and the Summer Olympic stadium in Montreal used to be the home of the now defunct Montreal Expos Major League Baseball team. The Los Angeles Olympic Stadium was the home of the Raiders National Football League franchise when it temporarily moved to Los Angeles and has not be used for much else since. Both stadiums have withstood the test of time and have served their purpose and are both being considered for demolition. On the flip side the Summer Olympic stadium in Athens, Greece was finished just in time for the 2004 Summer Olympic games and many were concerned about its safety. But it stood through the games and stands today as a memory of the Summer Olympics in Athens.

A Summer Olympic stadium hosts the opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, all the track and field events, and is also the place where the marathon race ends. Many of the track and field events are the highlight of the Summer Olympics and the stadium is the perfect setting for these exciting events. The ofSummer Olympic stadiums are usually filled to capacity during the games as everyone comes to wave their country’s flag and root their athletes to victory. The closing ceremonies in cities such as Los Angeles and Athens will be remembered as some of the most elaborate spectacles in history that used every square foot of their respective stadiums.

As new countries line up to host the Summer Olympics new stadium plans are being drawn up in all of those cities. Cities without stadiums are looking at investing hundreds of millions of dollars in construction in anticipation of the games and as long as the spectators, and attention on the host city from all over the world, continue to shell out the cash to make the Summer Olympics a profitable event then you can rest assured that there will always be cities willing to construct new majestic stadiums just to host the Summer Olympic games and have their chance to show the world how beautiful their city can be.
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