Love caves? Try speleology

Speleology is considered one of the most demanding subjects in the field of science. It is the study about caves and karst features, yet at the same time it is very lively. People who try speleology just love it for the sheer challenges involved in the study. If you are adventurous and want to make a living out of living your dream, then you should try speleology without second thoughts.
Speleology is the study about caves and karst features, their formation, physical structure, history, lifetime, the manner in which they were formed, and other related issues. If you are interested in caves, their structures, their formation, and other related aspects, then you should definitely try speleology. It is considered one of the most important branches of study, since it deals with the exploration of objects and natural formations which are ages old and contribute significantly to the current scientific development. Unlike a few other branches of study, you should not be a master in one subject and know little or nothing about other subjects as far as speleology is concerned. It is called a cross-disciplinary field, which means it uses the knowledge of several subjects liberally. In fact, the study combines the knowledge of biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, and cartography to a large extent. It is for this reason that a lot of people try speleology, as it provides the thrill and challenge of coping up with very many subjects and knowledge. Mostly considered study related, speleology is sometimes also related with explorative activities. You can sometimes see people using the term speleology for recreational activities related to exploring caves and visiting them just out of curiosity.

In the field of speleology, cave cartography is considered the most important activity. People who try speleology are supposed to have the liking for caves and their intricacies. A well developed cave map is the first and the most important requirement for any study relating speleology. Cave maps are also called surveys. Their importance can be gauged from the fact that only with the help of cave maps, scientists and other experts will be able to compare different caves with each other in terms of length, depth, and the volume of the cave. Since it is considered very important, a lot of care and thought usually go into the preparation of survey or the cave map. Also, there is a survey grading system present to measure the accuracy of the cave map or survey completed. It is the British Cave Research Association, which started the system of grading and measuring the survey or cave map way back in the 1960s. People who wanted to try speleology were into several constraints in the yesteryears. But these days, thankfully due to the invention of computers and other electronic equipment, the method of surveying has become relatively simpler. With the use of computers, electronic distance finders, and other related equipment, the process of developing cave map has been made simpler. People who try speleology from its biological aspect are not just interested in caves, their physical structures, and formation, but also in the organisms which occupy and depend on the caves. These organisms could be classified into three major types namely cave dwellers, cave lovers, and cave guests. Various animals fall into this category and each has its own distinct identity as far as cave science is concerned.
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