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Catholic singles may find it difficult to find a soul mate through the most popular dating services on the Internet today. Many of the dating services offer matching based on a variety of criteria but rarely do they include a person's religious affiliation in the process.

It seems that many dating services are more concerned with matching person's likes regarding physical aspects and salary requirements than their religious background.

The average single person is concerned with looks and money while in the back of their mind they may be slightly concerned with what their dates' religious background is. If they are looking for a good time, religious background may not be an issue.  On the other hand, if they are looking for a long-term relationship they may be more concerned with religious affiliation.  It is much easier to date someone within your own religion for several reasons.  Primarily it is easier to relate to someone who has common beliefs and values.  This is especially true when planning a wedding.  Children are also less confused when their parents share the same religious background.

There are many catholics dating services both on the Internet and within Christian newspapers.  Dating singles catholic or finding them has never been easier. The only difficult part is either writing an ad or preparing a video for viewing by others. Write your singles catholic ad in a personal and friendly way. Avoid being misleading when trying to present yourself in the best light. You may meet a great person because of the ad and you wouldn't want to be caught fibbing on your very first date. For example, you wouldn't want to tell someone that you work out on a regular basis then go hiking on your first date and collapse on a trail. Another thing you wouldn't want to be misleading about is your career and salary. There is a saying that one should do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. As long as you aren't doing something illegal you shouldn't be ashamed of the work that you do. 

Several Internet sites offer video profiles to prospective singles catholic. These are fun to watch but may be aggravating to make. If you have low self-confidence about this type of video maybe you should consider updating your hairstyle and wardrobe. The way people perceive you on the video has a lot to do with how you look. Put your best foot forward and show off the real you with a polished appearance. People who have been out of the dating loop for a while or even those who are old pros can benefit from changes. A new hairstyle may fill you with confidence and refreshment.  If you are still wearing those old jeans with holes in them or a slouchy old sweater it may be time to visit the mall and create a new version of you.  While doing this, remember that you don't want to become something you aren't; the goal is to get back in style.

After you have updated your appearance, written a personal ad or provided a video to a dating service you can breathe a sigh of relief. That is usually the hardest part of preparing a personal ad. All you will have to do now is sifting through the respondents to your ad. The most important thing after you have gotten this far is safety.  You can never be too careful about who is answering your ad. Your first meeting should be somewhere public; avoid meeting at your home. Many people who use online dating services will use search engines to check out their date ahead of time. Although not all people are listed on the Internet, searching a person's background may give you a sense of confidence that they don't have a criminal background.

Above all, have fun when dating catholic. Catholic dating sites are one of the ways for you to find other singles with common backgrounds. It is also a great way to find fabulous singles catholic that share the same interests you have.

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