Let's Go Hunting

Whether you hunt for sport, or you hunt for food, there is a large portion of the population in the United States that likes to go hunting. Hunting seems to be very popular in the southern states but I think it is easy to find enthusiastic hunters anywhere in the United States. You can also find equally enthusiastic groups that are against hunting just about anywhere you go.
Going on the hunt is an extremely popular activity throughout the United States. Different types of people hunt in different kinds of ways but the end result is usually the same. The hunt is either about the quest for food or the thrill of the hunt itself. In the United States it is unlikely that people still hunt everyday for their food so the hunt in the United States is more of a pleasurable pastime designed to be thrilling and exciting. The most popular form of hunt is probably deer hunting as thousands of American hunters look forward to deer hunting season each and every year.

Another popular hunt is duck hunting. Men waiting in a disguise of swamp reeds and other camouflage tactics to try and shoot ducks as they engage in their migration habit. Many people say that this type of hunting is just as cruel as any other type of hunting and possibly more so as killed ducks are not processed for food, or any other purpose, as a deer would be processed for its meat and its hide. Ducks are shot just to be shot for sport. Other say that hunting is just man’s part of the balance of nature helping to keep certain species of animals’ population in check just as the bears feast on the salmon that swim upstream to spawn. It is a very heated debate that has very strong opinions on both sides and very powerful backers on both sides. Hunting for sport is seen as cruel by humane organizations throughout the country and seen as an American right by hunting advocates.

Another hunt is when people hunt their own wild turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I have some personal experience in this as my uncle and his family used to hunt their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner each year. They would turn the hunt into sport but ultimately it was to shoot something they would eventually eat. Something like that could be seen as just as natural as a lion taking down a small water buffalo. Man is an animal just like any other beast on the planet and many hunting advocates argue that it is just as natural for man to hunt as any other animal.

But what happens when the animals are given a voice to talk back about hunting? In the very popular Warner Brothers cartoons featuring Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny there is a trio of cartoons that center around Daffy Duck creating confusion as to whether or not it is duck season or rabbit season just so he can save himself from hunters. In each cartoon we find out that it is really duck season but Daffy does all he can to turn the tables on Bugs and take the heat off himself and all the other ducks. Of course Daffy never wins and these are recognized as some of the funniest cartoons Warner Brothers ever made. Today you will not find these cartoons played on television as many groups think that the violence in these cartoons is too much for our children and the concept of hunting is not something to make fun of. It is a shame because the kids today have no idea what they are missing out on when the hunting debate prevents quality cartoons from being shown on television and prevents our children from seeing just a little bit of our past.
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