Labour Day Weekend ? A Tribute To The Most Humble But Crucial Element Of Work Force, The Laborer

Labour Day weekend is the perfect time to celebrate the holiday that is Labour Day. You in effect almost get two days off and you can relax and enjoy the Labour Day holiday. Not dedicated to any particular man Labour Day celebrates the people that make countries work effectively the Labour workers. Without Labour workers many countries would fall to their knees and cease to exist.

Labour Day is a special day. It is a day when everybody is reminded to consider and appreciate that member of the society who is the pillar for all development, food, achievement and modernization aspect, i.e. the labour force.

Labour Day is celebrated as a holiday - maybe giving rest to those who incessantly work for the development of the country. When the Labour Day falls on a weekend it is a reason for double joy because it is celebrated as the Labour Day weekend instead of only day. This day has a great global importance. It symbolizes respect and appreciation of the effort of the laborer. However, for the laborer it is mostly just a holiday - a day of rest. Hence, when it is a Labour Day weekend it is a real joy to that common man as he gets to rest in plenty and has some time with his family without worrying about work, and how tired he is.

When it comes to Labour Day Canada like every other country in the world has declared it is national holiday which falls on September 5th. Some countries in Europe however, celebrate this day on May 1st. Whichever the day or date, the important fact remains that people all over the world agreed to appreciate the effort the laborer puts in. In a way the Labour Day or the Labour Day weekend is a way of saying thanks. If you look at it from a light angle, the labour day falling on a weekend is a gift from God and an opportunity for this man to take rest and think of other things other than work.

As I mentioned it before as in most the countries in United State of America, when it comes to Labour Day Canada observes it on September 5th. Sometime back this day was celebrated on the first Monday of September - hence the innuendo to Labour Day weekend - which would be Friday to Monday - a bonus to the perpetually harried worker.

Today the celebrations have gone from plain rest and relaxation to organizing rallies, parades and speeches by eminent political and union personalities. The essence is the same but the celebrations are changing a bit. The worker too has learnt more about his/her own rights and is more aware of the protective laws that are in force today. Here Labour Day weekend still has a great value, because it gives time to organize themselves and draw the attention of the authorities of what they feel, want and would need.

It is true also that on this day, the labour day Canada has not only paid a deep and well-deserved tribute to the humble worker, but also have used this day to promote their rights, protective legislations and laws which have brought improvement and security for themselves and their family. Today, the life of the life is far better than it was 100 years back - before the Labour Day or Labour Day weekend existed; but there is still a long way to go before the worker will really be provided with all the amenities he/she really deserves. After all most of them have families and they will want to spend time with them so they will love Labour Day. Spending time with the family is almost a dream when you are working, so to have Labour Day is a great relief for many workers. After all they only get holidays off and Labour Day can be seen as just another holiday.

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